Downing street – the explanation

So as the video shows (ish) I was at Downing street today. Unfortunately just as I got inside security the flip cam ran out of battery. there is a proper photo on flickr of outside the prime ministers house! so gutted that i couldnt vlog tho.

Basically when my team have recruited new monthly givers to Scope, we have asked them to sign a postcard which states “gordon you’ve got a lot of support”, and then the reverse urges the PM to implement the independent living bill into policy and law. simply this bill will enable disabled people to have their care needs seen to with their own choice and control, not what social services or a care agency decide for them. therefore you can decide when to wake up, do your washing, see friends and shower, not be told when you have to do these things, indeed if u can do them at all!!!

the point of today was to deliver the postcards to Gordon Brown with our “now support our futures” t-shirts. hopefully he will!

was weird being in D street with the armed police and silent nature. got me thinking how cool would be to go inside. who knows maybe one day…

Downing street
Downing street

Off to paris tomorrow will get back to you monday for the vlog and blog 🙂

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