The weekend (almost)

The weekend – an uninspired title for a mega day. as mentioned in the previous blogs was a busy few days. Im finding more and more that Im so tired by Friday whereby my attitude is less vibrant and more survival. the 9-5 grind hey.

Anyway I made it to Nottingham and shadowed one of our agencies carrying out door to door fundraising. was interesting seeing the interactions on the door and not just the training room and head office numbers. the guy I shadowed made 1 sign up in the time I was there and was really welcoming and insightful. i also met his team and answered some questions.

so at 17.00 i raced down the A1, A14 and M11 to get home, shower and meet Eli for her last night in London. Eli is my friend and ex girlfriend from school days. its sad shes leaving the big smoke but sure to stay gd mates.we had a lil drink with pizza barely a minute after i had freshened up and then headed to camden. a nice occasion where all went smooth on the bus, we met some friends from Manchester and share mojitos – such an awesome drink. on leaving them we went to the Hawley arms where we saw Kelly Osbourne. being wasted i was ready to befriend her but fortunately she didnt pass by again 🙂

following this we hit koko’s, a dream night out for me. great indie music in an old theatre setting. awesome. the rest is really blurred and how i got home eli may know but needless to say we gave eli a good send off and i slept very very well into saturday lunchtime…