Political Rant

I had a much needed lie in today after 2 weeks of early, busy starts. I then managed to catch up with email, read the news and catch up on my book. Had a grand afternoon with the family. wandered around clissold park in Stoke Newington and then had some red wine and greek food.

I was going to leave the blog today but have had some political wind I want to bring up – nice. As some may know politically I come from a stance of govt intervention is a must when things occur naturally that are against general morals. fairness underpins this. if anyone gets left behind doing what they would like to because the real world does not provide accessible housing, education, healthcare, jobs and infrastructure to them – intervention is needed.

Intervention comes in many forms but the reason for this blog comes from the recently thought up policy from the liberal democrat party. this is around homes worth £1m to be taxed at greater amounts. the theory is that with many areas of interventions required at present, as we see in the news each day and a public spending deficit, money has to be raised by the govt to do this. taxing a supposedly richer household is “fairer” than a “poorer” one right? unfortunately the £1m amount actually includes for example houses in London which are owned by more middle income households. should the amount be raised to an acceptable rate (£2m/£3m, whatever that would be) its enforcement would be hard and many would look to decrease their houses value below the threshold where possible. despite the drawbacks I commend the idea of the party I support and it leaves me to think of this general problem…

If we need to raise money for the ever decreasing pot, for the intervention everyone agrees on; public services, education, healthcare and of course the ever increasing problem on social care for disabled people, how can this be achieved? I have some thoughts around higher percentages for higher earners, corporate taxes and all that. but surely this is a communication exercise. with more people out of work in recent months, the NHS under resourced and other budgetary constraints, we need to get community back in our vocabulary. nobody will mind putting a little extra £ into the coffers providing they are promised where that money goes. from how to raise the spending to where it is spent I raise a whole new issue for another time. For now let me know your thoughts on taxing and redistribution of wealth…

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