Always learning

I’ve been thinking around where I am, where Im going and what I essentially want to do in life. big questions I know. I ended up around the usual – wife and kids in a pleasant area, seeing friends and family regularly, watching spurs and music concerts, running my own company and being involved in politics at some stage. the other was to continue learning.

now since uni I studied an AS in psychology gaining a B and attempted german while i was with my austrian girlfriend lena. then the move to london took so much arranging, fixing and worrying learning has taken a back seat. I wrote an article on this move which i will post today also…

today at work we met with our creative/ direct marketing agency on direct mail packs. this was a new area for me i thoroughly enjoyed. it also highlighted that today but also many other days in the last year i have learned loads of new stuff. while i miss the structured learning of uni and hope to take some sort of course, maybe even a phd, one day, it was satisfying to realise this quite obvious but taken for granted thing. its nice to look at print materials in newspapers and those sent through the post and understand the work and thoughts that go into them to communicate with different people in the right way.

any comments on things you’ve learnt but hadnt realised its effect?…

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