Thursday feeling

Thursdays a weird day! I’m always on my last wheels (or last legs) in energy levels, peaking on the stress front, but yet being in touching distance of the weekend brings me back to a happier state.

So the car was delivered to work today 🙂 apparently the dvd player was draining the battery, fingers crossed all will be smoother. with the 3-0 win last night and the car back im also feeling a bit more content…

I tweeted the following links earlier but wanted to blog on them too. The first around the benefits system is interesting as it touches on many issues. The main area is around a stricter eligibility criteria for DLA, resulting in less people receiving necessary support, placing them further into poverty and further away from employment. It opens the debate around who needs support, who doesn’t and where limited funds should be spent. Some say education leads to equality with chances to enter the workforce despite disability. Others say direct support to enter employment with training/incentives/advice is better. I agree a factor is training but for companies around disability to not discriminate against disabled people. Nonetheless a good read.

Secondly this link is on learning and inclusion. Please feel free to comment:

So tonight I am meeting Nicola, a friend from uni times. Probably will be a chilled affair but nice to just catch up. Enjoy your evenings too…

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