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The quick update on me is the antibiotics are kicking in but still feeling jaded. Plan to get a good vlog (video blog) in soon, I promise! Also the car is being collected Monday from one garage to another. Been away around 2 weeks on this occasion and its still not fixed 🙁

Anyway this blog is about you guys. I wanted to thank everyone for their comments since the website started a couple of months back. For those I know, I have spoken to face to face – and those with questions I have emailed back. Recently a couple of comments have come from new people which is really encouraging. Helen I passed your details onto Diane and thanks for your comment on her ME blog.

Please please please do comment on articles or random events. It will encourage further debate and further awareness. I have plans to grow the site by 2010 and if we hit a high enough level I will create a forum. In the meantime thanks for following. 500 people have viewed this already.

Remember! By exercising your views things will snowball and we can look at actual topics and active solutions – whether government or community based… Catch you soon 😉

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