Long time

Good evening all! Its been a horrible few weeks really with the car and the chest infection. I received the car last Wednesday and collected Lena from Stratford having arrived from Stansted and it worked 🙂 Didnt do much Thursday and Friday as still felt under par. Saturday I ran Lena and her sister to meet their cousin while I then purchased some art for my flat. wit woo i hear u say. the walls have been pretty bear since moving 2 yrs ago and it was time to smarten the place up. i got a big picture of sydney for my room as it reminds me of my fantastic trip in 05. i also got 2 banksy painting for the lounge. so saturday i managed the energy to take billy, lena and andrea to the southbank and we finished the night with singstar. on the way home a bolt fell off the steering wheel which was quite worrying and then the ramp broke stuck out of the car. seemed i was heading back to broke-car-ville. fortunately it fixed itself 24 hrs later and is still ok today. fingers crossed. the others all headed home sunday.

coldwise i finished the antibiotics and have taken it very easy. no booze for over 2 weeks. works been hard this week getting the energy but im in the mode of work, weekend, work, weekend until xmas. lots of nice stuff happening then. also looking to tenerife next january which will help to look forward to and get a boost mid winter.

i havent video blogged as theres not been much to comment on and i look like crap (vein i know) but as soon as i feel on top form and am recovered i will make a gooden. thanks for the get well email messages and in person guys,much appreciated.

to finish off read this really interesting article if u have time. its about disabled actors on tv. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/nov/10/cast-offs-disabled-actors

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