The demon cough returns

Believe me I’ve been very aware of my blogging less recently, when I do it being a little repetitive and about my being ill a lot. This is my life at this time of year. I battled from Tuesday as I was on my own at work feeling awful but by Friday I tumbled down. I woke up, could hardly breathe and was very fretful of where this was heading. So I called in sick and drove to mums for an appt with the family doctor. She was glad I came in, listened to my chest and said with stronger antibiotics she didnt feel hospital was necessary at this point.

I ate a lovely meal my sister cooked last night and chilled out. The fact I was told I dont have pneumonia at present definitely helped to relax. on past years form this can turn nasty quickly and i get anxious at the thought which doesnt help in the moment. anyway i hope to go back to london tomorrow to see Alessandra, my friend from work, and then get back to work Monday. fingers crossed the anti b’s kick in…

Otherwise I very much welcomed the return of gavin and stacey thursday night – great. dorris was hilarious with the salad. i also enjoyed the 1st 2 episodes of cast offs – a show of 5 disabled people marooned on a fictional island. they show on the islands antics but each episode there is the back drop of each persons personal story. this is funny and informative but moreso groundbreaking for disabled people. watch it next tuesday channel 4 23.15…

going to read more of richard branson book now to continue cooking up future ideas for a social enterprise and also watch my dvd of how i met your mother from lena for my birthday, its grrrrrreat. hope everyone is well. xmas is coming soon 🙂 oh yea i booked a hol to tenerife end of jan to help boost me mid winter, bring it on lol

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