The real year in review

So some of you will have seen the silly video I did reviewing the year. It was more to say happy xmas with a flippant review style. Having been overcoming flu the past 2 days (good news is the chest is ok thus far) I have seen a fair bit of tv, especially all these top bla bla of the year, and of course decade, lists. So here is a more concerted blog on these 2 aspects.

It is weird to think 10 years ago I was recovering from a large operation in the June before where I had 2 titanium rods in my back. I had a 6 and 8 hour operation followed by months of rehab. this stopped the curvature of my spine and opened my airways for fighting these chest infections better. I then went onto do my GCSEs, 2 years later my A levels, started uni and living independently, learnt to drive, passed my degree, then masters, started working and then moved to London with a trip to Australia among other destinations too. What a good noughties…

So this year. I have to say it has been a battle at points. The start was quiet with the usual Canary island trip in April and nothing major before. I did my training to fundraisers round the country in May and enjoyed London in the warmer weather during summer. I got my new car and all of those troubles in August through to later in the year. I visited Paris and Germany in September which was amazing. Since my health has been rubbish but xmas has been great and I have a good feeling despite some of the frustrations encountered recently.

The fact I started this blog has been positive. I am really starting to get some good ideas to move forward in the disability movement as well as feeling positive about general aspects of life such as Tenerife January, Mexixo April and Italy next summer. Spurs are flying high and I want to get back on the hip hop concert track next year too. Also I feel I am striking a good balance of progressing my career along with maintaining good relations with my nearest and dearest. my family are so important to me I ensure I see them as much as possible. big thanks to mum for being there recently with the infections, as well as david, chris, beata and my sister claire bear…

So with the disability aspect, I mentioned was picked up by disaboom in USA, and also at the very end of the year there was a great article published in the Hunts and St.Ives town crier on page 4 – thanks everyone for their help to me with the wheelchairs and car, what it enabled me to do since and what this website is trying to do – inspiring other disabled people to achieve and non-disabled people to understand disability and be part of improving the existing problems. I think 2010 will be a good year all round especially with this site and I hope u all want to play a part of it…

Happy new year all.

Love Martyn

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