Tiring 24 plus disability politics

Good evening all. The last 24 hours have been the most eventful in 2 weeks and you’ll see why thats funny in its minimalism. Last night I visited my step brothers girlfriend and my niece Jazmia who’s almost 3. It was Colleens birthday and I went with David, mum, Claire and Chris. was absolutely shattered from these 2hrs. today I spoke to the doc of on the hospital and my general welfare. said i wanted to be at work monday but she said i need another week – we compromised on next thursday… i nipped down the road and had my door on my car fixed and again felt shattered. seems this infection has been hardcore!

so in knowing its me and some books for another week im banking on feeling stronger in 7 days. still got that deja vu feeling. at least the cars sorted again.

on a different note i heard disability benefits are going up in the next budget. good politics especially with the current climate. just wonder whats being done to get disabled people more inclusion, better education, better job prospects as well as all sorts of other longer terms decisions. help for now is vital but moreover so is empowerment tomorrow. any thoughts from u guys? either way the deficit is getting bigger overall in the UK budget and the pre budget reports seems to stagnate and stifle those who can grow this economy, while enhancing those who are stiflers – bankers! rant over and off for a brew 😉