Snow Joke – no really stop the snow jokes

So I’m on my lunch break and realised haven’t blogged for a few days so want to rattle out a few thoughts. Having got back to London safely Sunday  despite the high pitched noise my car is making I saw the Germans for 2 hours before they left. Was such a shame I didn’t see them for longer but there will be other times… Then this was softened by the awesomeness of Leeds beating Man U. So good to see. Then spurs got Leeds in the next round.

So I then made it to work Monday but so bunged up and just totally frustrated with my health. With a car problem and a cold its just déjà vu since August. I keep banging on about Tenerife but something needs to change this horrible cycle and 2 weeks time I will be there. So I am meant to go Friday to sort car out. Yesterday I bit the bullet and worked at home as I just could feel myself slipping with the cold and tiredness of going to the office. Got a lot done though before Nichola from uni dayz came and cooked me a delicious curry and we chilled, literally as the snow swept in. Today I am working at home but think my colds easing J Problem now is the cars stuck in my car park. So I am just gonna rattle through these end of campaign reports for work and hope the next 24 hours thaws outside.

Beyond my day to day there is not really any big news on disability. I guess the new year is quiet generally. I hope to get a few guest blogs soon (if anyone wants to write on this site you would be more than welcome to do so).

So I wish you all well through this cold snap and long may spring roll on. I’m off to eat lunch – yes probably beans 🙂

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