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Wednesday was my last blog and it seems like it was longer. As my tweet/facebook peeps know I saw Avatar Thursday which was so good. the parts where there is snow/leaves in the foreground does the 3d element justice and generally it has amazing views and an ok storyline. the guy is in a wheelchair but its cool how it isnt a thing, just a guy cracking on by going into a big blue beings body – u know usual stuff. by Friday I was so tired I did nada after work and was in bed by 9. saturday i met alessandras parents who were visiting from italy and they spoke little english, still we managed to converse in a pub in angel with alessandras assistance.

Then mum, dave, claire and chris arrived just in time for the second half of the spurs game. mums birthday was tuesday so they came last night for the night. after the rubbish 0-0 draw with aston villa we went to the daniel defoe in stoke newington and then to clicia just over the road on church street. lovely food but after 2 vodkas and then shared bottle of red rioja with dave i was smashed! we then went to mercados the mexican where i found a massive retro tune called i found lovin by the fatback band from the 80’s. after a mojito there apparently mum had to hold me up as i kept falling over driving home. quality…

so today after one of those restless nights sleep we went to madame tussauds. was excellent for wheelchairs. i got in half price, a free concession for one other and the staff couldnt do enough to help. the scouse lady in the lift is interested in scope after i sang their praises explaining my job and i even nearly ran over one of the ghouls in the scary dungeon. definitely a must if your in london.

So as i go to get food and ready for work tomorrow i wanna give a shout out to paul. you may remember when i was ill my comments on paul and how he had passed away from pneumonia. well it was 5 years ago today. time flies and its a good reminder of remembering those who have meant a lot to you and also while i have been rather stressed lately post sickness it shows me theres more to life than negativity. just need to rise above the bad vibes that can go around. miss u paul and im all about smiling more the next week for you dude…

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