Spurs march on

Well the big news tonight is spurs beat leeds 3-1 in the fa cup with a defoe hatrick. leeds were worthy opponents and expect to see them back higher in the league real soon. for us its bolton next round. was a nice night with my curry and general chill watching the game while sorting some other care and trustee chores. rota, monitoring forms amongst other essentials have been seen to.

since my last blog on sunday, monday was chilled, works been gradually tiring more after the weekend but the next weekend is approaching now. last night my twitter/facebook peeps saw i went to watch up in the air. george clooney and not my typical watch but surprisingly ok. interesting story on a few fronts but dont want to spoil for others. good popcorn and banta with alessandra too.

so before i write too much drivel im off to sleep now. nice weekend ahead once ive had my needed lie in. sweet dreams blogospehere!