FA cup final day – Wembley

The past week has been pleasant but tiring. Without dwelling too much I am a bit worried about how tired I am by the weekend. However it was especially busy with travelling and delivering training Wednesday to Liverpool and Thursday to Sheffield. Friday i was in the office and had to forfeit my trip to kew gardens which was a team prize due to car and care changeover reason. I was so tired it would have made it a hard third day of travels anyway. Then that evening I decided to visit toby who is not great but is improving. Man its a long way in rush hour to Fulham. After nearly 2 hours cos of parking issues Bea and I made it. He was asleep but nurses were pleased he is going right way so it was worth it.

After some needed sleep I met dad to go to Wembley for Chelsea v Portsmouth cup FA cup final. Should have been spurs there but as dads Chelsea it was nice to spend time with him and watch the match. The video shows what a great spectacle it was. if you look closely after the final whistle you can see prince William as we were moved by dads friend who works there to the disabled area by the royal box.

So Chelsea won 1-0 in a weird game. I didn’t get the goal but did get the missed penalty and celebrations on the video. Portsmouth hit the bar, Chelsea did 3 times and the post once, Portsmouth missed a penalty, drogba scored a great freekick, lampard missed a pen and Portsmouth had some good other chances. Im hoping spurs next year but was a great day.

So i drove to st.ives with dad and bea to stay at mums. Colleen was having her mini hen party as Claire and mum missed it when we were stranded in mexico. Then Jamie, sam and the boys tried to get me out in town but i hadn’t nothing left other than eating my favourite chicken curry take away. Had a good sleep and seem to have a new carer today in my 3 year old niece Jazmia. She was wanting to help me bathe and operate the electric hoist buttons, well cute. Off for some sun while the video uploads and having a roast later. Then Milton Keynes tomorrow first thing for work. Off we go again. Phew. Hope you are all well!