Since my quality weekend away in manchester and recovering from the world cup defeat, work has been the bigger part of the week. had some productive meetings and progressed on some projects well. with our newly installed windows the air is still very hot – over 30 degrees. makes concentration hard but with water and fans we are ok. been nice sitting outside at lunch with my newly found chicken and cheese panini place. generally i love the sun and its been nice having it here.

last night was swimming night. hadnt been since first week. all went smooth, david lifted me onto the first aid bed, got changed, then onto the shower chair. this rolls me out to the poolside where the flaw is up. then the flaw lowers into the water and eventually ya under. with the spaghetti shaped float i can balance upright holding on. great for moving muscles i do not normally use, stretch my joints and get the heart going. followed this with a glass of red and a nandos 🙂

tomorrow i have a meeting at white hart lane, home of my beloved tottenham. more news to come. then its drinks with work peeps, packing for st.ives and working friday. driving back hopefully in the car, delivered back today, fingers crossed. then its the wedding saturday. rob and colleen tie the knot, so happy for my step brother, will be a great day. will check in with the lowdown sunday. keep enjoying the weather till then.