When there is nothing to say, blog?

I really have nothing interesting to say as such but felt compelled to blog. since the sunday night tired blog i made it to the dentist and now have nice shiny whites. i also had my suit fitting for robs wedding a week saturday and all fits. drove to work in london, car broke (keep writing and overlook this awful fact and pretend all is ok). actually the car situ is not ok but i have motability meeting seriously for big decisions on this matter. the car went on the tow truck today. last night i had a few vodkas with shaz and watched the spain game.

work was quiet today and tonight has been all about chores, post, admin and bills. my life cant always be rock n roll you know. tomorrow i may be recording for the politics show asking cameron and clegg a question on the budget and DLA – seriously. will keep you posted as not definite.

Will leave you with this tune recommended by bear (my sister), ash and nat. the wags of st.ives http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiuCqZuhu4o