Film with Disabled actor

So as the video showed, the weekend was a really pleasant one with Rico. The blurb of the last week just summed up my productive meeting at Tottenham last Tuesday. I am hoping for some collaboration between Scope and the club plus they are keen for me to work on some disability training in my spare time too. Otherwise Rico arrived Thursday, Friday we enjoyed a Nando’s in Stokey and then Saturday was just pure brilliance.

While recovering on Sunday I managed to sort out some admin such as website domain renewals and so forth. I also received an email from an actor in the US asking for my assistance. I promised I would help where I could and so wanted to promote the below. Looks very cool and I hope you can lend your support to Kurt with this. I haven’t seen it but Kurt is very passionate about showcasing disability into the mainstream. His email read:

Wanted to share this with you.
The lead of this film (Tenderloin) is an amputee and he is shown in the most positive light. He is able to do anything a able-bodied person can do. He’s also playing a former soldier.

Trying to get the word out about this film. We’ve gotten great reviews and I wanted to see if you could blast this out to your friends and colleagues. Maybe you could send it out via email, that would be good. I’m trying to get 10,000 people to que it before it’s released. Thanks, Kurt

So please go to this link and by all means let me you’re your thoughts for Kurt