Wedding – the event of 2010!

Jesus christ! I have never drunk so much in 1 day, but also in 3 days to be fair… MEGA!!! Thursday drinks after work were a nice tipsy catch up. Friday was stifling in the office but after a bath, chinese and vodka i was revived. joined a very nervous groom and best man aka my 2 step bros rob and jimbo in town. both bowed out early in preparation for their big speeches. me and bear were reading but less prep needed. i continued in the famous st.ives golden lion with old skool buddies billy, nobby and conway plus his mrs marie. we went onto the oli cromwell before rolling back to billy’s.

he was on the back of my wheelchair for speed and the cops whacked the blue lights and sirens on to warn us off the road. well funny. they were laughing too. having had a late night chin wag with bill i got home with a phone full of 3 warning texts and a slightly annoyed mother. no-one else was about to hoist me so i had to bite the bullet and take the grilling for being in so late on the wedding eve. first time i’ve been told off in 10 years.

so chris came and got me in my suit. checkout the facebook profile pic or flickr link below to the right for one shot. hope to get more from the day soon. having worked through what could have been a 2 day hangover i got going. we all walked to town and the photographer started snapping. me in my chair, bear with jazzy’s buggy, del on his grandad scooter and dave pushing dels walker – we def looked the part. ceremony started at 11, claire bear rocked her reading, the vowels were nice while rob and colleen giggled and jazz busied around. i did my reading to some obvious piss taking from jimbo and then they were married. we were passed champagne at 11.30 and off i went. great food, cool people, amazing setting by the river meadow and awesome weather.

by 16.00 i was flying and chatting to anyone. jimbos mum commented on how like my dad and gramps i am. as 18.00 came as did the evening guests and i hit the wall. i managed to blag the welcomes, piecing together the people i hadnt seen in years before grabbing some much needed buffet food. at one stage i befriended a couple about to marry this saturday, think she worked with robbie. as she grew a little tipsier she decided to jump on my chair and demand a ride. later she was trying to swing me round the dancefloor while almost tearing my arm off. i thought he was gonna give me a kicking when she started giving me kisses, but i think he knew i was a black belt in origami. seriously was fun and all in gest.

so having danced and sung the night away we wished rob and colleen many congratulations before they said night and flew to turkey the next day. they both looked amazing and it was such an amazing day for all. look forward to that moment in a few years when i have that date with destiny. for now debauchery and dancing is my love, been really enjoying dancing again at clubs etc. managing to perfect the 2 step on wheels again.

today was great too – i visited meldreth manor near cambridge. this meant going from mums. i interviewed an amazing mother of a pupil, met the school care manager and also the principal. with my new role i work on ‘products’ which are essentially projects requiring money. there they are refurbishing the hall and so i along with a colleague were gathering info and pictures. spent the afternoon writing up notes from my dictaphone and this evening eating curry and ice cream. hmmmmmmm. waiting for the stick tomorrow at work with my sunburnt face.