Can’t run yourself like a gas station

Wassup peeps! Been a while hey… I filled you in last week before my political rant video and then explained all about my great day volunteering. Since I have been flummoxed (good word huh) with tiredness. I stayed in Tuesday night, was ill Wednesday from work, went to Runcorn for a work meeting Thursday and stayed in Friday. My mate Jon from uni days and the 2005 Australia trip (see flickr photos for this big deal) well he visited from wednesday till today, but was ill too – what a right pair!

So with some food, films and catch up chats we did venture out to little Jamaica down the road by Saturday. I love how Jon gets me to venture to new places and experience new cultures etc. We then grabbed a curry and stopped at the nice stokey church street bar i frequent, for one. was just what we needed in terms of chilled but got us out the house. yesterday my carer B’s sister started training to replace chris who is off next week. sad times but new times. we had a loverly roast dinner and watched a film before sleep and work today.

so as you can see I havent done much other than be a bit ill, tired and boring. It proves that you cant run your life like a gas station. good advice one of my uni carers gave me. that was when i used to go out 7 nights a week till late late. i am now sensible around work but with some of the projects i was working on and a still hectic social life it did catch up. happy to say feeling a lot better and have cut things down, especially before autumn rolls in. anyway footy on soon so have a good night and speak soon cyber world.