Scope Inclusion – my volunteering day

Happy Mondays! Just chillin here watching dragons den, bloody love it. wanted to say man how tired i looked in the political video yesterday and man man how annoying were the end moments??!! got interrupted so many times but wanted it done before i had to head. learnt the lesson of not rushing next time and aiming to not look so serious when talking bout serious things. that mood needed lightening right? anyway im glad i expelled those views as had been on my mind.

some of you may have saw the twitpic of me in the studio, you guys are in for a real treat soon. other than my 6 hour stint in the studio, i stayed at mums and drove back to london this am. was bit tired on arrival at work, but no time to relax as it was my volunteering day. some of you may remember i assisted with a Scope pitch to Islington council for a new Inclusion service in London. my dressing and acting as a teenager (only on the day of course) helped win the bid. so last week Scope Inclusion North London began.

It supports kids from Islington who are disabled, but leaning towards autism, challenging behaviour and learning disability. I was a little worried if any of the children would be unaware of my being weaker and accidentally knocking me. there were half a dozen or so at the club from 11 till 4. once it all started the day just flew. i worked with the loveliest guy ever who had sooo much energy. we hit it off chatting about everything under the sun. then after lunch i was queuing the latest r n b tunes on youtube while he sang and danced. he went for 2 and a half hours straight without rest! it was really cool chillin with this guy and knowing while he was at Scope Inclusion, his family were able to do some other things before he arrived home to be just as energetic for them too. whether rihanna, beyonce or lady gaga we jokingly argued over who was fittest and which one of us would marry them. we even nailed the fist to fist action (form of handshake between good mates) showing none of these rich and famous stars would get in the way of our new found friendship.

I am back in the office and tomorrow. the lad wanted me to return so i explained i couldnt but would drop in sometime and say hi. i finally wanted to pick up on the staff at the inclusion service. they are so skilled and professional, it was a great sight to see. However challenging the kids were, the staff were never phased. Its just great these children can interact with others their age, partake in varied and interesting activities, and allow their family a few hours to do other things. Safe in the knowledge everyone was happy and having a good time. great stuff and please keep this amazing service going. im going to work extra hard to assist the funding needed for these services in my fundraising role. night for now!