The power of Twitter

I have been a busy boy on Twitter this week. I have been chatting to some very interesting and inspirational people. I have also seen some cool videos and links. The amazing thing is after retweeting (sharing) these finds on Twitter I was contacted by 3 people on email from America no less. They all wanted to say how cool this site is and to share something the blog readers would find useful. So I have simply pasted the main bits for your viewing pleasure and wanted to point out the power of Twitter enabling interactions like this is amazing.


Thank you for the retweet ( ) of our dancing wheels project at University of South Florida (from my mom’s /our family’s Twitter account ) I went to your website and found your e-mail. I have not yet viewed all of it but saw your video with the plane! … that is so cool… you really were flying!!! Everything you have accomplished is really inspiring… you are most impressive with your “high spirited” attitude!

Our project site is the Rolling Dance Chair Project …. …. There is a 3 minute CNN video which summarizes everything the best:

Or to find the CNN & other videos more simply or share at the TwitVid account – . The project was originally inspired from my dad who became disabled in the 1980’s when two 18 year-old boys crossed the center line hitting him head on. He was in a coma for two months, never expected to survive… He did, however, but with severe complications and in a wheelchair.


My name is Shane McKenna and I am the Public Relations Advisor for My Optional Health Solutions. I am contacting you today to share with you a new online resource that authors of the new book “After the Diagnosis: The Journey Beyond” are celebrating the launch of. Authors Sylvia McGrath, Trish Robichaud, and Jeff Cadwell have created a no-cost publication aimed at distributing fr$ee online resources to persons living with a chronic illness or disability.

The publication has been creatively named the “Freebie Thingy Program” because the authors want subscribers to not only benefit from the amazing fr$ee resources that they’ve scoured the Internet to find, but they also hope to put smiles on people’s faces when they see the silly program name in their inboxes. By featuring information about this new publication on your blog site, you will be spreading the word about a new empowering program for people living with chronic illness or disability. I am sure your readership will thank you for it. Again, the publication subscription is absolutely fr$ee.

Shane McKenna
Public Relations Advisor


My name is Janelle Tam and I am part of the Impact Entrepreneurship Group’s Public Relations team. I’m writing to you about a new program we launched called I Am My Ambition that exposes behind the scenes stories of individuals who have successfully started companies, social enterprises, or reached a high level of achievement in their field.

I Am My Ambition is a campaign that supports:

·Overcoming a series of enormous barriers to become successful

·Devoting yourself to making people’s lives better

·Realizing that although chance does play a role in life, ultimately each person is the master of their own destiny

We all have our own personal hurdles that we have to overcome, if we want to launch our own companies at some point in our lives, and by showing how other individuals have overcome them, we can take idols off of a pedestal and let young people relate the stories to their own struggles and inspire them to start doing what they want, now. We can inspire ambition.

Jeff Adams, Paralympic champion and founder of Marvel Wheelchairs, is an example of the type of individual we seek to interview. Climbing up the 1776 steps of the CN Tower is a formidable challenge in itself, but doing so in a wheelchair seems almost impossible. But not for Jeff Adams, who did so in 2002, raising $170,000 in the process. In addition to being a three-time Olympian, five-time Paralympian, and six-time World Champion with three Paralympic Gold medals to his name, Jeff Adams is also a journalist, motivational speaker, and founder of Marvel Wheelchairs. Beginning with his childhood battle with cancer that resulted in his spinal damage, to the heat of the race on the Paralympic track, to the later challenges of unwarranted controversy and entrepreneurship, Jeff has faced a slew of seemingly insurmountable challenges. However, he never gave up, and Jeff’s many successes were achieved the same way he climbed the CN tower, one step at a time. The personal story of Jeff Adams can be found at, and all our other interviews can be watched through YouTube ( or where we are starting to build our community via Facebook ( ).

I’ve been reading your blog and really enjoy how you share about your exciting experiences (such as flying for the first time!), and promote pushing the boundaries being disabled may set. Because of that, we thought that you might enjoy the video and consider sharing it with your readers.

You can also check out the videos by visiting or stay tuned to updates via our Please contact us if you would like more information about our campaign. We’d be happy to help!


Janelle Tam

External Relations, I Am My Ambition

Impact Entrepreneurship Group |