Disabled people – this blog needs you

http://aj-smith.com/?p=14 Actually this blog needs you, disabled or not 🙂

buy Gabapentin 300mg uk Now to the point. I am always asking people whether they prefer the day to day blogs I write or some of the more political ones. The feedback is – both. For some, just seeing a guy in a chair (with all the add ons I bring, lol) is cool. Whether showing younger kids I work, drive, enjoy my social life (live a ‘normal’ life) or visually seeing how I manage transport, bars and cinemas has a positive effect. However the broader feelings I have as a disabled person and interpretations I gleam from news items and policy decisions shows how these events affect many disabled people.

buy modafinil in usa I have always said that I would love the readers to engage with my blogs more. My awareness of all things disability related is limited, as is my opinion. I would love to add more news you guys hear about and reference some of your views too. I am just trying to give a platform for everyone to chat around these issues.

So having laid out a semi plea for some two way activity. My news is less news related or political. Will be interesting how ed milliband settles into the opposition leader role. Disability wise we await the CSR roll out soon and hope there is some mercy.

My past days started with a talk I gave for local councillors in Hackney on the roll out of Personalisation from my personal experience. Very interesting stuff. Then I returned home to 3 German friends – Rico, his girlfriend Chrissi and his friend Michael. We chilled Wednesday night. I worked Thursday/Friday as saving holiday for November and hopefully a big trip. Thursday I collected Grimsby Rich, my big dog, from Euston (thats gangster speak, not me saying I have dog at a train station). We returned home to Bratwurst sausages and the full german works 🙂

Friday we honoured Ricos love of Nandos, followed by a drink in Stokey and some singstar. We all KO’d early as we were so shattered. After my needed lie in Saturday morning i felt great. My good friend Matt or @smegfirk as twitter peeps know him as came down to my flat with his PA. Video available here of the following events http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJdLYmFwjxE

I will not repeat the video but can say the hanging out with good friends, singing on singstar and the clubbing did me so much good. Since i squared it with myself about relaxing and not overdoing things, I have got myself back up to speed. The weekend showed i do need to chill after working but that a good night out is good for the soul sometimes too. I can say how later myself and Rich managed to annoy two bus drivers by requiring the ramp, and terminating the first bus hence annoying a lot of passengers. Basically the ramp would not go back inside the bus so we all had to get off at 3am and wait for the next one. Oooops.

I Had a massive chill and a massive roast dinner after the germans left yesterday with rich and myself catching up ‘uni style’ with tea and music tv. He went home today. Work was good today and I am all set for swimming tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend too. Will check back in soon peeps!