The joy of swimming

Having chilled with the guys last week, Monday night was an essential chill out evening. Having not caught up with some other mates, my parents and email I still was occupied, but the early night was good. No big news from work this week but last night was back to swimming!

Having been in Brighton last week I knocked it on the head that day. It really is amazing having not swum for 10 years to suddenly need this in my life. The summer without a swim took its toll physically and definitely mentally on me. So even after only 2 weeks I was craving the water last night.

It was the most successful swim too. The different shower chair I used supported me better, so my head wasn’t looking up at the ceiling until I was lowered in the water. Also since my rods were put in my back to stop my scoliosis, I have been weaker and in a different swimming position, meaning I need assistance (unlike before). Therefore I use spaghetti looking floatation device, meaning my hands are not free. My step mum Kate suggested arm bands. As you can imagine street cred wise this was not on my top ten list, but I enquired into other floatation equipment. They had these cool arm bands that didn’t make you look 5 but had the desired effect. With that little buoyancy on my bicep I was balanced, with my hands free and able to really swim J

Afterwards I felt looser in my joints, aching in a good way all over and on another plane mood wise. Was a great feeling. Today I am tired but in a way that I earned it. Now I can watch the spurs game tonight with some good food in the knowledge I had my weekly workout.


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