The last blog was actually a week ago. When I first realised I was concerned as I take pride in my regular contact. Then I realised partly ‘quality beats quantity’ and partly it was a sign of my new found self honesty. There have been many times the past year I have pushed my body a little too far. You will remember the recent blog on how I had realised my health must come first. So in slowing down, there has been less to report. Furthermore I have felt a little tired to conjure up a good article.

Also I have been busy and preoccupied this week with my annual sleep study. To some extent I could say “please see blog from 1 year ago” to explain my night last night. I will not repeat the overriding events that occur at every sleep study. However I was a bit nervous because after last year I had the worst winter ever health wise. I have been fretting that the study may reveal a deterioration in my general breathing overnight etc. I am happy to say after some tests and chats with the doctor there has been no longer lasting effects. I do need to return in December to try out a cough assist machine. This will help my weaker cough move any infection from a normal winter cold. So with no long term effects and some technology to help ‘if’ I have a bad winter this year, I am feeling brighter and relieved. They also said that I can use the machine at home next year. This may mean I actually get some proper sleep too for the study.

The hospital trip did unfortunately impact on the talk I was due to deliver tonight for the local council. Despite my intent on putting health first, I still endeavour to never let people down. I know they understood the reasons but I was looking forward to doing this tonight – c’est la vie. I will make the next one the best ever!

So other than sleep studies and missed talks I enjoyed the spurs game last Wednesday, stayed in Thursday through to Sunday. However Saturday night a friend from secondary school visited who I hadn’t seen in many years – was good to catch up. So Monday I drove back to mums and worked at home yesterday and today around the overnight hospital trip. Got back just in time for the new series of the apprentice. Highlight – “my first name wasn’t mummy, but ‘money’!” Was that for real?