Deja Vu

Nothing has happened since my last entry apart from a harrowing journey on Sunday. I looked back at when I was ill last year and it was at the end of October. Therefore the fact I am having another lengthy chest infection is the beginning of a parallel to that of this time last year. The health update is that I shook the main flu symptoms and subsided the danger zone part of my infection very early on. However from the middle of last week onwards I didnt totally recover either. By Saturday my medicine had run out and the infection worsened. So having had cabin fever in my London flat as well as needing to see my doctor, I headed back to Cambridgeshire. Firstly the taxi company couldnt distribute a driver in over an hour, so I had to get the bus to kings cross. Then nobody came at Huntingdon station with a ramp and as my PA searched, the doors closed and I was on my own towards Peterborough. This is never good but especially not with a liquid filled lung and feeling tired anyway. So 40 minutes later thanks to great members of the public I made it back to Huntingdon. That evening I was close to calling an emergency doctor but knew it was worth calming myself to see the family doctor. Monday morning she gave me more medicine, we had a good chat about my condition and signed me off work to recover absolutely properly.

Beyond a lot of coughing and little sleep I have been staring at the tv and trying to keep my appetite up. Meanwhile my car has also been broken for over 2 weeks, adding another dimension of deja vu to this time last year. I will say no more on the vehicle.

So really I am desperately trying to get well, trying not to worry about work and other parts of life I am missing and ultimately my light is my holiday. fingers crossed with some sun and once I am mended I can get through the winter healthy and back in the normal cycle of life.