Movember is Tashtastic

I was loathed to write another slightly down trodden health update blog. Quickfire words are still on antibiotics, lung feeling slightly clearer and keeping my chin up. So here’s  a different blog…

I partly kept my chin up by having my first shave of the month. I had a full on beard and it was tough to get off. However as I am off work, getting cabin fever and needing something to do I left a moustache. This is not just because the medicine has sent me mad but for a charity fundraising initiative for prostate cancer. This is also the condition my granddad passed away from and is close to my heart.

Besides having a laugh at the this picture you can donate to this cause at and follow them on twitter @movemberuk. I may not last the whole month but I will nurture this bad boy as I continue to nurture my health.

Really hope to be back to work next Monday before my planned holiday to California next Friday. Hope you are all well!