A new beginning

First of all do not fear! This is not a “I went away for 12 days and found myself” blog. I am still the same old me. However probably due to the time away I did gain some clarity on my blogs. I know people follow martynsibley.com because there is some fun stuff and inspirational pieces from time to time, but I have appreciated others would like more detailed information. For example in the holiday video I shot how I am lifted from the plane to my wheelchair. The trip also highlighted the many extra things I have to plan and think about. Therefore my new beginning starts with the coverage of the California and Vegas road trip by giving hints and tips on how I manage travel with my disability. Clearly sometimes a blog is self expressive or detail is not required, but where possible, and beyond the travel vibe, I will breakdown the information in a clearer format. The fun and inspiration will continue too of course.

Regarding the 12 day trip with Tina, Srin and Hugh you can see the video on the previous post to this blog. It lasts 9 minutes but is crammed with amazing shots of San Francisco, Vegas and Los Angeles. Let it buffer before watching for a smoother watch. I am then going to write 3 blogs over the next week:

1)      Planning the trip and San Francisco

2)      Las Vegas and how I lost it all

3)      Los Angeles and flat car batteries

Another reason for a new beginning is the endorsement for martynsibley.com by a very famous actor. Checkout the end of the video blog for when I met Jack Black at LAX airport. Absolute legend of a guy and the skit is perfect! Thank you Jack.