My step brother Jamie Farrington is a very talented lyricist and singer. His band ‘Silent House Party’ from Cambridgeshire, including Jack Randall who I know well also, agreed to write a song with me on disability. The outcome is below and their site is The name I gave my company was ‘Sunnier Days’ because everyone… Continue Reading

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We are all aware of the high five and fist bump as greetings right!? Without regurgitating the Wikipedia explanations, these two types of informal greetings are a part of our everyday lives. Influenced by sporting celebrities and embraced by the masses, they have often replaced the handshake in our everyday, social interactions. This… Continue Reading

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You may remember, or even have wondered, where the professional photographs (that I now use on my profile pictures) came from? It was for the feature interview I did on I mentioned in my article on ‘serendipity’ about how daring to put something out there can lead to randomly cool things. Well, following on… Continue Reading

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I have little energy to write a massive post, but this week needs marking! Having recovered from the nostalgia of leaving Scope and the hangover too, Monday was my Independence Day It started by my being one of the official bloggers for the Institute of Fundraisings National Convention Having given up the place… Continue Reading