Where will you send me?

I have always planned to travel more now my work is online and remote. Whilst I am planning some further flung places later in the year, it made sense to start with the UK. I have picked the four options, they are spread all over the UK and would be an enjoyable visit regardless. However it is up to you, my blog readers to vote on where I will actually visit. Please share and vote away 🙂


  1. I can’t see any options….maybe cos I’m using google chrome.  In a completely biased move because I’m a Geordie I’d send you to Newcastle (drive around Northumberland while you’re there!).  The people are really friendly and there are lots of wheelchair accessible activities for you to investigate :).

    1. It was down. as u can c I gave Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and Sheffield as options, this time… 🙂

    1. It was down. as u can c I gave Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and Sheffield as options, this time… 🙂

  2. Lived in Sheffield and Manchester, Sheffield is the biggest village in the world, and they’re not keen on outsiders, Manchester on the other hand are the most accepting people I’ve met (mostly anyhow).  Think its the history and industry, Sheffield kept their steel industry to themselves as didn’t need large numbers, but Manchester relied in outsiders and huge numbers to get cotton industry going, and haven’t changed since.  Lasted 3 years in Sheffield and 16 years in Manchester, and would have stayed but have moved out for family

    don’t know Edinburgh or Bristol well enough to comment – MANCHESTER definitely!!

    1. Cool! Thanks for the inside knowledge, keep an eye out for where I go and video blog it 🙂

  3. Hi Martyn, I voted for Manchester, even though I think Cardiff should have been an option!! Went to Manchester for the first time last year and loved it – lots of great stuff to see and do and a good buzz around the city (and that didn’t include the endless roadworks building the tram ways!!)

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