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I have been a bit slack on the writing front lately. I had planned to write and post a video every week. There is definitely enough to film and talk about, but the problem is being at my computer to do so. I decided I am better being out there living these experiences, and then sharing them with you when possible. So you may hear more about these amazing times once I have left Spain if I cannot encapsulate it all during my trip.

It really is a cliché that things never worked out as you imagine. This may somehow sounds negative, like when something goes wrong we would say this. In my view it is true whether the outcome is negative, positive or neither. I am not sure exactly what I did foresee happening here, but it has definitely been unexpected and brilliant.

I have already brought you up to speed on the EVS program, my motivations for being here, how I got here and what the setup for my disability is like. I have also briefly mentioned my project, the people I am hanging with and the explorations I have had. This post is to check in and bring you a little more up to speed. However I already have 2 more blog posts in mind: one on disability in Spain and the UK, and the other on my amazing trip to Polo De Lena yesterday (this has nothing to do with my ex girlfriend Lena, ok Dapra? 😉 ).

Last week, project wise it was busy. I gave a couple of talks around Asturias – one in Aviles where I am staying and the other in Oviedo. The talk I am giving is generally similar: disabled since birth, raised by wolves and how great it is that I leave the house despite this. I really wish I could say this in Spanish, but I am still yet to throw whole sentences together. I am definitely understanding more and knowing greater vocab, so I am progressing. The reaction in the talks is always positive. I think for many people to go abroad is scary. When people factor in the things I needed to see to, they seem somehow motivated as to what is possible in life. This makes me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

Other than the talks, I run an English conversation and ‘beginners’ class on a Friday. These are separate with one at 5pm and the other at 7pm. I shared this with Lotta from Finland but sadly she left recently, so this was my first time alone. I really enjoy working with the local guys, understanding their learning styles and trying to help them learn my mother tongue. It wasn’t easy but I like a challenge. I am planning later on for this Friday. Plus I have been asked to do a one-to-one tutorial which will earn me a little money too.

Beyond the classes that I am asked to run such as English, we can propose our own workshops too. I decided my knowledge of social media and blogging could be useful for some people. So on Friday at 6pm I ran my own session. Due to easter, the marketing was delayed and the turnout was lower than hoped for. Despite this the guys who came seemed to have a good time. My co-ordinator Vane said that it gave her a new energy to work on her personal blog again. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences of running my blog and disability horizons for others to use in their world.

Despite the heavy week of project work I made some time for fun, naturally. My flat-mate Athina had some friends over from Greece so Friday night I plunged for a Jack Daniels, and the rest goes hazy. Then Saturday I went to the other main city of Asturias called Gijon. There I met a girl called Nuria who I had met in Aviles before. She showed me the beach, the old town and the bars. I got back Saturday evening to meet the gang in Aviles for a night out here. I stupidly hit the JD again despite needing to be up at 8.30am yesterday. Some people never learn! It was worth it and I must say my Spanish is better when in bars drinking with the locals.

I made the 8.30 wake-up, somehow. The trip to the mountains was amazing, but as mentioned I will do a whole post on this adventurous and interesting experience later. For now, I am of to meet Vane to discuss European Union funding for my online disability projects, followed by a coffee with a pretty blonde girl and then my private English lesson. Hard times…

I do hope this blog finds you well. Please let me know your thoughts on my trip and keep me posted on your own stuff. Are you planning any new goals or maybe you have some questions I can help with? Wing them over anytime.

Best wishes, Martyn

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