EEDR: Day 2 – Hotel improvements and autobahns

There’s nothing quite like a good sleep! Filipe and I felt revived this morning.

After packing we headed to checkout of the Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4. Despite the good price and general access we had a list of improvements which we shared:

1) the only accessible room was very far away. My electric chair meant I was ok but a manual chair user would struggle. Also Filipe had to carry 2 cases and push my shower chair. Not easy!

2) the toilet was too high for my shower chair to go over. This meant taking a ‘number 2’ was tricky. I nearly lost my crown jewels in the process too. My suggestion was a height adjustable loo because I know other disabled people do need a raised loo for transferring.

3) there was a large step up to the balcony view. I said I didn’t need to explain why this was stupid and they agreed.

I was told this would be fed back. My leaving point was despite the costs of making their hotel accessible; people like myself will use them more and make their investment worthwhile.

Since then we have been driving to Leipzig. It’s been cool chatting, listening to tunes and seeing Europe. Check out my Twitter feed for the pics taken today and my commentary on confusing German and Spanish.

Off to spend a nice evening with Rico now. Then meeting a couple of disability organizations tomorrow.

I’ve got a list of things to lookout for from TFL. Let me know what you’d like to know or see aswell:

Hope you’re enjoying the ride,


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  1. Hey Martyn! Good luck with trip! Good tips for hotel, hope your recommendations are fulfilled. Will be reading more! Hope you’re talent spotting aswell 🙂

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