Everything is Possible

As of 8pm on Saturday night we were finishing our Valentines dinner. I had packed my bags to stay at my mums for the week. Meanwhile Kasia was all set for a week of skiing with her dad in Austria.

For no apparent reason I was struck with the idea of joining her. Following a conversation about logistics, we thought ‘why not’?

Luckily she is as crazy as me 🙂

Our research showed we could drive the 13 hours in 2 days, with a sleepover near Paris. This allowed me to bring my shower chair and hoist.

Then we realised everywhere was booked up, because of half term. Following some Google searches, phoning around and pure stubbornness; we found a place 2 miles from the slopes Kasia was meeting her dad on. Not giving up always pays off.

It was all set. We were driving to Austria the next day!

After clearing my Monday diary and packing warmer clothes, we departed towards Dover. The journey and hotel in Reims went perfectly, and we arrived Monday evening. I drove 9 of the 13 hours 🙂

On Tuesday morning, wrapped up like a Christmas present, I arrived at the Silvretta gondola (cable car) and was struck by the magnitude of the mountains and magic of the snow.

Before I knew it, I was swinging in the gondola. Souring above the mountains. Flying to the summit. Awesome!

Martyn in Austria's snow

I thought I’d secured a monoski experience for 90 minutes, however my spontaneity meant getting the right equipment was not possible. However I’m going with the Catalan Tourist Board in December. All good…

So while Kasia and her dad ski, I sit on the mountain top, drinking tea, admiring the scenery, doing my work, reading books and dreaming new dreams. Plus I managed to have a sauna too 🙂

This adventure followed a few months of stabilising my health, my foundations, finances and career. It feels good to explore and live the dream again.

Remember guys, everything is possible. We carve our own reality. We’re only here once. Carpe Diem! (and other such true clichés).


PS. I will post a video upon my return home.

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  1. Once again I am amazed by your determination and the rewards it brings, I myself am very limited by my mind.
    Keep going.

  2. Fascinated by the fact that people such as yourself who are far more severely impaired than I am seem to be able to do so much more. I do not feel limited by my mind, but rather frustrated by it since I keep coming up against brick walls. Whilst grateful for my relatively limited impairment, it is this that renders me ineligible for the support I am told I need to do the things I want. I find the circle vicious, and frequently feel penalised for not being “disabled enough”.

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