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It’s been a frustrating week. The inevitable winter bugs have arrived. In fact I beat a minor cold three weeks ago. However this particular cough is starting to take the biscuit. I’m definitely a bigger fan of summertime.

Of course I’m not the only one. Most of my friends and family have had it too. It’s just a bit more damaging when you can’t cough very well. Plus it’s concerning as to how bad it’ll get. Nonetheless I think I’m winning. No doctors. No antibiotics. No surrender.

Here’s to the bugs leaving any day now!

In other news. Despite not having really left home for 7 days. There’s lots going on.

Work Stuff

After months of research, networking, thinking, scheming and planning; I’ve got a solid view of my work world now.

My work with SMA Support UK and SMA Trust is going great with our Adult Insight Group. Lots of interesting discussions going on there between adults with my condition about life.

Plus my work with Open Inclusion is very interesting. We’re helping big brands to be more accessible and inclusive for disabled customers. Plus I’ve got some other interesting projects in the pipeline with big organisations.

On Disability Horizons we found out that we hit the 500,000 mark for website visitors since launching in 2011. This is phenomenal. It makes me smile at how many people we’ve supported. Our plans on Horizons are around improving the articles, growing our reach and working with some exciting new brands. Watch this space!

On Disability United we’ve solidified our presence in the disabled community since launching in July. With regular articles and great writers, our campaigning arm is building nicely. We’re planning a new campaign and petition very soon.

Our big news of course is the launch of Disability Academy. I won’t repeat things as this article summarises it well. We’ll be running Black Friday deals next week on Accessible Traveller. Then launching new courses from January on Independent living and Sex & Relationships. With very cool instructors partnering too.

Beyond work

Outside of work, I’ve been reading an interesting book by Vishen Lakhiani called Code of the Extraordinary mind. It resonates with a lot of things I already learned in my adult life. It also taught me a daily meditation I’m finding very useful.

I’ve also watched a lot of Amazon Prime for medicinal use. Wouldn’t normally touch it. Honest guvnor. The best thing Kasia and I saw was called ‘Start Up’ with Martin Freeman from Sherlock Holmes. In this series he’s a corrupt FBI agent tangled with 3 unlikely tech start-up business partners. There’s romance, murder, power dramas and more. I’d definitely recommend it.

Finally I’ve drafted a title and synopsis for my first ever screen play. I’m not going to share it publicly. However I wanted to share that despite being busy with work, I believe in new challenges and personal growth. Maybe I’ll be a horrible creative writer. But it’s fun trying 🙂

So I’m off to cough some more and cross my fingers for better health tomorrow.

Until then… Stay healthy yourself and keep on doing your thing too.

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