Geoff Holt – Sailing Extravaganza

Those of you who have read my blog for some time, or who have read my book, will know that I’ve done a fair few adrenaline pumping adventures. It’s very hard to pick a favourite. The skiing down the Catalan mountains was very special. As was the hot air ballooning above Barcelona. I was pretty scared doing the scuba diving in Tenerife, but nowhere near as cold as the Husky dog sledging in – 32° Helsinki.

The longest adventure was the 1000 mile trip from John O’Groats in Scotland to Land’s End in Cornwall, England. In my wheelchair. It took a lot of planning, fundraising, and persistence. With health and safety in mind we also had to be flexible and acknowledge mother nature and general common sense along the way.

Regardless of those ups and downs, it is certainly etched in my memory forever as a fantastic personal achievement. Moreover as a great message to send out about disability. We named it what disability?

Meet Geoff Holt

Of course my achievement was not unique. There are many people who have pushed their limits in pursuit of some adrenaline and societal change messaging. Many of whom have a disability. Nonetheless, it’s always great to meet people who have interesting stories to tell. Particularly those who really really went the extra mile!

Geoff Holt is certainly one of those people. As you will hear in our interview, this guy has really exceeded his own expectations from his individual sailing and life challenges.

In this episode of the Martyn Sibley show he shares his background, his career, and how he went on to achieve some of the most amazing sailing achievements ever known to man.

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