Episode 21: Tanni Grey-Thompson – Changing the world for disabled people

It’s not every day that I get to meet someone working in the House of Lords. It’s also not every day that I get to meet a famous sports person with countless Paralympic medals. And it’s really not every day that I get to meet someone who embodies both of these massive achievements.

One day last year, I found myself interviewing one of my heroes. The awesome Tanni Grey-Thompson.

Starting her athletic career with 100m wheelchair racing back in 1984, Tanni travelled to Seoul for her first international race in 1988, winning a bronze medal. She then went on to win 16 Paralympic medals – 11 golds, four silvers and a bronze. Added to that, she’s won many World Championship medals – six gold, five silver and two bronze.

Through her fantastic achievements, she’s become a role model and ambassador for many disabled people, globally.

In our interview, Tanni reveals how a career in athletics resulted in a new career in politics and, ultimately, making a difference for disabled people across the world.

Now influencing the laws made in the UK, the stakes are high for Tanni. In an ever-changing world of innovation and global community, Tanni is working tirelessly with her allies to protect those who may be left behind. I love Tanni’s passion for truth and change.

Thank you to Tanni for taking the time out for this interview. Not only did she spare time to record this, she’s also revealed her top five tips for political activism, which was aired in our exclusive DHorizons Tribe on Facebook. I can tell you now, her advice was also very insightful.

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