Inner work

I’ve talked a lot about self care. You can’t change the world if you can’t look after yourself. With bad health, it all falls down.

One thing I’ve not touched on so specifically, yet so importantly, is the topic of inner work for creativity.

It’s so easy to read/listen/watch and generally learn about the world. I remember at uni we framed things through SLEPT analysis – social, legal, economic, political and technological.

I’ve been binge watching Jay Shetty who’s had 4 billion views on his videos! Every video shares real wisdom to help us in life.

When I dug down in to how he’s impacted so many people, I was surprised. Of course his ability to speak, work with videographers like my friend Raj, and see trends helps.

However its his 3 years as a monk, and daily practices now, that gave him an ability to connect with so many people. His inner work, wisdom and clarity are his biggest asset.

It got me thinking. What do I enjoy doing? What is my true intention for work? Who do I really want to help impact? Why are my projects important to me? How can I serve our community better?

I’m already understanding these answers, but this needs thinking through every day, for every project.

So, how is your inner work going?

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