Human Connection

I’ve been thinking a lot about connection recently. Specifically in-person connection (and no, don’t take it in a naughty way).

You see we have everything now people 100 years ago only dreamt of. And even more! Technology is definitely connecting us, in a way. Yet people are still starving for true connection.

This point has come up a lot at Mindvalley University. The teachers and the lessons are so valuable. Yet the the spontaneous chats with people attending to be the best part of the MVU experience.

I’m currently working in Tenerife for Disability Horizons in partnership with Limitless Travel. Their unique offering is twofold. They offer care support (on top of assuring full accessible holidays). They also offer connection…

I’ve always been cynical of group holidays. But after a while the views, the relaxation, the meals only go so far. To enjoy them with someone interesting, sharing stories, is far more powerful.

I’m excited about how businesses are getting more inclusive, about how tech spreads vital information fast, and now in excited for a new wave. A wave that gets people off their phones and in to new experiences with great people.

What do you think? Am I just a dreamer? 🙂

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