Prolific Not Perfect

You may remember a previous post on wisdom being preferable to perfection. Without setting out to, or meaning to, I’m clearly a bit anti perfectionist.

My friend Toby mentioned the other day how Daniel Priestley (author of Key Person of Influence) talks about being prolific, not perfect.

It’s so true and so powerful. Sorry perfectionism!

This doesn’t mean to hell with quality. Any blog post, book, speech, podcast, video, project, product should be shipped with pride and be beautiful to use.

Perfectionism, in my opinion, is just not objective or obvious or even truly attainable. It’s more of a destination. A destination we can maybe one day arrive at, after all the years of creativity.

In the end it’s all about balance. Unfortunately most people lean too much on perfectionism as a crutch and excuse. I’m a fan of thinking, working hard, but ultimately letting things out in the world for feedback.

We could say progress beats perfectionism. But progress comes from being prolific.

What’s your stance on this? How long is ‘enough’ before getting something out there? Is perfection attainable every time? I’m open to debate 🙂

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