Lifebook: Envisioning a great 2021 and beyond

I believe everything is possible. Yes there’s caveats around the laws of physics, how long it takes to get there, and doing things differently. But essentially this belief holds true through my life. Going to university, learning to drive, being on the BBC, travelling the world, meeting my idols. All happened from one thing…

This one thing is dreaming big! I particularly remember lying in a hospital bed in 1999 after my spinal fusion. I now have titanium rods holding me upright! During that pain and recovery time, I chose to dream up all the things I’d do once I was better.

This points to another point around learning and growing in life through struggle. My time in hospital certainly taught me a lot about myself, and gave me a huge opportunity to re-evaluate various things in my life.

All of this is to explain how much and why I value personal development and envisioning our future selves.

Meet Lifebook

Through my more recent personal development experiences, I’ve attended Mindvalley university. I realised growth doesn’t have to be as dramatic as becoming titanium!

During my trips to Barcelona, Estonia and Pula I had the pleasure of seeing Jon and Missy Butcher from Lifebook. They’re a couple who believe in really similar values to my own, and they’re doing something about it, at scale!

I’ve been lucky enough to interview them on my YouTube channel. We got to discuss their back story (Jon’s had his fair share of struggle), why they’ve made it their life mission to help others, and they’re offering a huge opportunity for you to get involved in Lifebook 2021.

Here’s the video link

Here’s the link if you would like to sign up for Lifebook (which is also on the YouTube description)

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