About Me

My name is Martyn Sibley. As a regular guy who happens to use a wheelchair (due to Spinal Muscular Atrophy – SMA); I’ve experienced both societal exclusion and a feeling of inferiority. Through personal development and social entrepreneurship, I’ve achieved many of my personal and professional goals. Now I’m empowering others…

My current bio is: World Changing Blogger, Author, Coach, Speaker & Podcaster. Captain of Inclusion at DHorizons. Government, Business & Charity Adviser. Adventurer. Smiler! 🙂

But it wasn’t always so amazing or simple. I have had to overcome major spinal fusion surgery, fundraise for vital mobility equipment, manage strangers to do my personal care, fought bouts of pneumonia, struggled through inaccessible housing, experienced weird societal stereotypes, and many other barriers.

Through resilience, hard work and always staying positive; I gained a masters degree in marketing, drive a car with my hands, worked for a huge NGO in London, left to co found successful companies like Disability Horizons, authored my “Everything is Possible” book, adventure travelled the world, and presented for the BBC.

It’s been awesome! I live life and work identically – smiling, helping, learning, ambitious for new experiences, and all alongside great people.

Are you joining this community?! Jack Black certainly is…

The Big Vision

My vision is to live in a world without barriers, prejudice or discrimination.

Nice Idea Martyn, But How?

I believe it is possible, but everyone has a role to play in achieving this:

– Businesses have the responsibility for employing diverse workforces, and to create inclusive products and services. For example companies should employ people who reflect their societal customer base. Plus the Purple Pound is £250bn per year in the UK alone.

– Government have the responsibility to invest and empower citizens who are left behind by economic markets. For example I need a wheelchair and Personal Care Assistants to be an equal member of society. Once I have this, I can flourish to my full potential.

– You and I have a responsibility too. Whoever you are, and whatever you do; please take action. Even if you haven’t experienced injustice, or don’t know anyone who has, you can help by challenging anything you see that is unjust in this world.

Small actions will cumulate to big impact. YOU can help change the world, benefiting EVERYONE in the process!

A Small Drop in a Large Ocean

I am just one person wanting to change things in this universe. My aim is to; inspire, inform and change the world around social issues. I hope to achieve this by:

1) Blogging about my personal journey

I have a ‘live the dream’ message to encourage everyone to enjoy life. No matter how difficult it may be! I blog about my loved ones, health, work, socialising, travelling and personal challenges. I try to capture my dreams, my worries, my progress and my love of life. All through articles, pictures and videos.

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2) Community Projects

I provide online support, information and debate within the disability and health fields. Thus far I have helped create many digital initiatives, including;

– Disability Horizons Magazine
– TodaHerbal Health Blog
– Community Projects including; dWebinars, dConferences and dCourses

3) World Changing Consultant, Speaker, Presenter and Coach

My work with businesses, governments and charities has created impact for millions of disabled people. I provide strategic direction on digital media, community building and entrepreneurship.

I’m a global speaker. Delivering keynote speeches to a variety of audiences. My agent is louise@visablepeople.com.

As you’ll see on my media page, I’ve presented on many tv and internet projects.

Finally I coach and run an online course for social change professionals. Helping them get clarity, impact and freedom in their work.

Please send me any questions or feedback here by ‘giving me a shout‘.

Solutions come from collaboration, so lets change the world together!

And remember –

“Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.”