About Me

My name is Martyn Sibley. As a regular wheelchair using guy with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA); I’ve experienced both societal exclusion and a feeling of inferiority. Through personal development and social entrepreneurship, I’ve achieved many of my personal and professional goals.

From gaining a masters degree in marketing, driving a car with my hands, working for a huge NGO, co founding successful companies like Disability Horizons, publishing my “Everything is Possible” book, adventure travelling the world, to presenting for the BBC. It’s been awesome 🙂

I live life and work identically – smiling, helping, learning, ambitious for new experiences, and all alongside great people.

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The Big Vision

My vision is to live in a world without barriers, prejudice or discrimination.

Nice Idea Martyn, But How?

I believe it is possible, but every individual has a role to play in achieving this:

Government have to invest in disabled people. We need funding for accessible infrastructure, specialist technology, professional people, and vitally the education and acceptance of society.

The economy and society then benefit from saving money on long term healthcare, savings on certain benefit claims, increased economic output, higher tax revenues, higher consumer spending and a far more prosperous society in general.

Businesses must employ disabled peoples’ talents, research what we need & want as consumers, and target their marketing straight to us. As a result businesses thrive, disabled people thrive and society will thrive.

Disabled People; we too must forgive past discrimination, shake off unfair stereotypes and calmly change attitudes. We need to study and work hard (where possible), and be the best humans that we can possibly be.

Life is harder being disabled, but only we can prove our worth. Nobody else can. Therefore, lead by example and change the world in your own awesome way.

You, yes you, reading this now. Whoever you are, and whatever you do; please take action. Just because you’re not disabled, or don’t know anyone who is, you can help by challenging bad access, bad stereotypes, bad processes and anything else you see that is unjust in this world.

Small actions will cumulate to big actions. YOU can help change the world, benefiting EVERYONE in the process!

A Small Drop in a Large Ocean

I am just one person wanting to change just one thing in this universe. My aim is to; inspire, inform and change the world around disability issues. I hope to achieve this by:

1) Blogging about my personal journey

I have a ‘live the dream’ message to encourage everyone to enjoy life. No matter how difficult it may be! I blog about my disability, loved ones, health, work, socialising, travelling and personal challenges. I try to capture my dreams, my worries, my progress and my love of life with articles, pictures and videos.

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2) Community Projects

I provide online support, information and debate within the disability and health fields. Thus far I have helped create many digital initiatives, including;

Disability Horizons Magazine
Disability United
TodaHerbal Health Blog
Community Projects including; dWebinars, dConferences and dCourses

I also work as a consultant for copywriting, presenting, video production, social/new media tools, marketing strategy, website creation, motivational speaking, leadership,  disability awareness, access, diversity

Martyn Sibley flying

I have also written a free ebook called the Disability Diamond Theory, which you can view my video explanation here and download it for free here.

Please send me your feedback by ‘giving me a shout

Solutions come from collaboration, so lets change the world together!

And remember –

“Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.”