View More My personal story It was June 1999. There were wires and tubes coming out of my body everywhere. I was hallucinating. I was sure the nurse was my Irish grandma (who had passed away nearly 10 years before). Worst of all I was violently sick every hour, for days. I’d never been in hospital for… Continue Reading

View More Earlier in the year I was asked by Parallel London to be an ambassador for them. The event is an annual inclusive participation challenge. Disabled and non disabled people attempting the 10k, 5k, 1k or 100m sensory challenges. Plus there was a festival village for everybody to enjoy afterwards. As an ambassador I helped to… Continue Reading

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When you are a wheelchair user like me, access is so important. Access to transport. Access to housing. Access to employment. Access to leisure and tourism. Without access we can’t move, live, work, learn, and socialise. Fortunately the world is gradually getting more accessible. New projects in transport and construction have accessibility regulations. The Equalities… Continue Reading