How to change the world: early bird registration

These 3 proven steps will propel your social mission forward to help more people – while allowing you to enjoy more time, energy and money.

As World Changers, we all deeply care about making the world better and fairer. For everyone. Its simply who we are!

The thing is, you’ll find we also have our struggles. Like having lots of great ideas, but just not the time to deliver them. Always running to keep up, yet running out of energy. Getting stressed, and sometimes even feeling guilty, about money stuff.

We end up frazzled and scared. Fearful that we’ll get ill, go broke and have no social impact to show for our efforts.

Not a great outcome right?

The answer lies in a few simple key areas.

Firstly to take stock of what your social mission is. From this clearer perspective, you then need to acquire the strategies and skills for creating your desired global impact. Finally you can have it all, by knowing how to live out your personal dreams, whilst still changing the world.

You’re here now, reading this, because you’re ready for a change. Whilst I’m convinced you love your social change mission, you’re also probably at your wits end with some (or all) of the above struggles.

Welcome to ‘How to change the world’

My 6 week course uses a model of 3 simple and highly effective steps:

– Clarity: Gaining perspective on exactly who/what you want to help, why you care about this so deeply, and how you will achieve it

– Impact: Talk can be cheap. Action is the key to progress. However only the right action gets results. We’ll make sure you make the right kind of impact on your mission

– Freedom: Too many people neglect other important life priorities. All for their mission. Freedom naturally includes money, but it also means good health, being in beautiful surroundings, having supportive relationships and to live out dream experiences

What this course will give you

Clarity, impact and freedom all sound great. But what you really need, and will receive here, is even more valuable.

After these 6 weeks you will know how to continuously learn, develop and deliver new projects for your cause. Have an abundance of time for your health, relationships and beyond. Be energised and motivated now and over the long run. Create a social organisation that gives you free time for family and leisure pursuits, and financial freedom too.

All so that you will look back from older age on many completed social good projects. With no personal regrets, in good health, and with a legacy that you’re proud of.

Why I know this is all possible

I can remember my breaking point like it was yesterday. Sat on the beach in Tenerife. For some winter sun and recuperation. I cried tears of frustration and desperation. I’d had too many antibiotics for chest infections that winter. I felt so tired. My job itself was ok, but I knew I needed to make changes. Big changes.

Soon after that I met AJ and Melissa. An American couple, working with charities. They helped me to get clarity on my personal and professional life. They helped me with the strategy and tools to make real impact. They helped me to live my personal dreams!

Fast forward 10 years. My blog lead to me becoming Britain’s Third Most Influential disabled person (in the Power 100 awards). I co founded Disability Horizons, which has empowered hundreds of thousands of disabled people. I’ve lived many more dreams such as being an entrepreneur, author, speaker, world traveller, and so on.

Its given me better health, energy from that all important work-life balance, and huge career fulfilment.

I’ve learned that life still changes and challenges us. I’m still working on my clarity, impact and freedom every day. But I’m in a much better place than that guy 10 years ago.

My mission now is to pass on this experience and lessons for your benefit. In turn for the benefit of all the people you will go onto help. Its all very exciting!

The course logistics

Over our 6 weeks together we will:

– meet for one hour per week
– have a presention on the weekly modules
– go through exercises together
– ensure there is time to ask questions
– enjoy permanent access to the recordings and exercises
– have an exclusive Facebook group to support each other

The 6 modules will be as follows:

1) What are you fighting for? – finding your social mission, outlining your personal and mission based frustrations and fears. This week will give you the motivation to fuel your lifes work.

2) In a perfect world… – uncovering your personal and mission based wants and aspirations. This session will get us excited about the future and all you can achieve.

3) Creating influence – Content is royal. Be everywhere. But be clever about it. Week 3 will provide you with the tools to carve influence from nothing.

4) Gather your tribe – community building and engagement tools. This is self explanatory 🙂

5) Impact time – define your desired impact, gather the resources, and make change happen. This week ensures the right action actually happens. Too many people lose their focus along the way.

6) Continuous improvement – Personal development, impact metrics and regular reflection. Our last session gives you the compass necessary to keep on changing the world.

My hot drink guarantee

If you sign up for this early bird price, and decide this wasn’t the solution you were looking for; I am not only offering you a full money back guarantee, but to pay for a free hot drink of your choice.

The thing is I’m in this to get you results. So not only would I refund your registration fee, I will buy you a tea/coffee/hot chocolate etc for giving this course a go. No strings attached.

However I’m convinced it won’t come to that. I’ve spent hours making sure this will work for you. Moreover, its going to be a lot of fun! 🙂

This course will eventually be priced at £300. Which is ridiculously good value. But to further reward you taking action now, the early price is £100.

So register for your early bird ticket, and lets crack on with changing the world 🙂

Simply send the £100 course fee to my PayPal account by clicking here (Sunnier Days is my business name):

If PayPal is not an option for you, please email and we’ll secure your place with a different payment method.