Media Work

I’m experienced in many aspects of media work including TV, radio, writing articles and as a general disability spokesperson. I’m interested in, and passionate about, the representation of disability in the media, and how we can make this representation more positive as well as more realistic.

In front of the camera


• BBC London Inside Out: Presenter role on accessible hotels prior to London 2012;

• BBC Breakfast interview;

• Access All Areas – Accessible Adventures in Catalonia

• Accessible Tourism Videos for Visit Britain

Access All Areas (AAA) – Midlands

Access All Areas (AAA) – Plymouth

Access All Areas (AAA) – Exmoor

Access All Areas (AAA) – New Forest National Park

Access All Areas (AAA) – Eureka!

Access All Areas (AAA) – Northumberland

Access All Areas (AAA) – Roman Baths

Access All Areas (AAA) – Olympia

With the power of the written word

written word

I write regularly on:

• The magazine I Co Founded called Disability Horizons;

• The widely read blogging platform the Huffington Post;

• The widely read publication known as The Independent;

• Freelance journalist for Disability Now;

Dulcet tones via radio and podcast


I have been interviewed on various BBC radio 4 and GNS shows. Specific links to other podcasts are:

• BBC ouch podcast;
BBC interview on business and social media;
Online project in the USA;



On TV presenting…

‘Martyn has worked with us a couple of times now, and each time has been a real joy. He has been accommodating, hard working, and willing to put in the extra miles to make the projects happen. As a presenter, Martyn is talented and works hard to make sure that I, as a director, am always happy with his work before he gives up and moves to the next shot. He’s not fazed by things changing or going wrong, as they always do on shoots, instead he adapts with us and raises his game to make sure the result is always of an excellent standard.’
Kate Monaghan, co-owner and tv director at Mark Three Media

On BBC radio 4 show…

‘Martyn appeared on my favourite episode of Objective and was very funny and dealt well with my stupid line of questioning, as well as being charitable about people using disabled toilets for sexual congress.’
Richard Herring, comedian