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Ecourses – In January 2012, an innovative online learning course is being launched. The first topic is all about being disabled, gaining employment and generally kicking ass! 🙂

Webinar resources

I recently finished delivering a series of webinars. Please view the videos lower down the page at your own leisure.

New just for you!

A new, engaging, interactive and free resource is being launched in January 2012. If you have not heard of a webinar before, do not despair. It is a new method of delivering information and creating discussion online. Decide on the topics that you are interested in, sign up on the unique webinar links and fill in your email address. It really is as simple as that.

Each session is chaired by myself, includes professional and personal presentations from guest speakers, has interactive polls and offers a Q&A sessions. In one hour you will learn something new, share your knowledge and become part of an innovative online community discussion.

Register for new webinar topics

Wednesday 25th January @ 1pm – Volunteering
For more information and to register click here

Wednesday 22nd February @1pm – Relationships

Wednesday 28th March @1pm – Travel

Wednesday 25th April @1pm – Employment

Wednesday 30th @1pm – Housing

Wednesday 27th June @1pm – Social Care

Who are the webinars for?

All webinars are for disabled people, their friends, family and disability professionals.

What exactly is a webinar?

The key feature of a webinar is being able to give, receive and discuss inspirational information online.

Having been disabled since birth, I know about the challenges, difficulties and complexities at every stage of life. Join this informal setting where, along with the help of amazing speakers, I explain how to accept your limitations, identify the barriers in the way of your goals and then how to grab life.

The content looks at different parts of life: from basic care and transport to travel and flying planes. You can attend as many or as few as you wish.

I share in each session the importance of:

• Having a positive mindset
• Accepting certain things will be more difficult and take longer
• Having perseverance and creativity
• Celebrating achievement and then setting the next goal

The webinars are free to attend!

Also the technology is simple. You will be guided with friendly instructions throughout. There is no need to travel to a venue either, just watch and relax at your nearest computer. Each seminar gives quick, helpful and applicable advice. All attendees will leave with specified learning outcomes.

Webinar video history:

Webinar 1: Parents of a disabled child
Webinar 2: The Teenage years
Webinar 3: Independent Living 1 (housing, work, transport and equipment)
Webinar 4: Independent Living 2 (Personal Care – recruitment and retention)
Webinar 5: Leisure and Travel


Whilst all webinars and the majority (I hope) of ecourses will be delivered for free, this is only possible with the support of sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring a course, webinar series or session, please request a sponsorship pack here:


  1. absolutely brilliant mate.  much needed and fantanstic your taking this on.  i need to get that skype interview before you go global and have no time for me! 🙂 – must get that hotspot idea, chat going as well me thinks! 🙂

  2. Brilliant concept Martyn, I hope it is a great success.  With your positivity and determination I’m sure it will be!

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