The webinars, e-Courses and magazine that I run are making a significant impact in the fields of disability and social change. My vision is for an inclusive society. One where disabled people are enabled to use their skills and experience to become valued members of society.

It is therefore so important that these resources can be delivered for free; it ensures that those with the most need are empowered to seize the opportunities available to them and to create opportunities where none exist.

There are two types of sponsorship opportunities:

• if you work in a field other than disability and you have a desire to support real social change for disabled people, this is an effective and innovative way of taking action. The 2011 webinars received CSR sponsorship for example.

• if you provide a service or product to the disability community, sponsorship is an effective way of publicising your service to the very people who will benefit from it.

Past sponsors said:

Flourish is a direct and digital agency that works in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. It’s an interesting combination but it definitely works. We’ve got the results, the awards and the reputation to prove it.

Why are Sunnier Days and Flourish working together on this exciting project? We share a simple philosophy. We both want people to do well. We want them to reach their goals, to realise their dreams and to make the most of the opportunities they create. It’s the reason why Flourish is called Flourish.”


“We have worked with Martyn in the past and have a lot of respect for him and want to support this new initiative. Having set up Future Fundraising a few years ago, we know the time and effort it takes in setting up a business. That is why we are delighted to be able to support Martyn in helping to make Sunnier Days a successful venture.”

If you are interested in sponsoring an e-Course, webinar series or webinar session, please request a sponsorship pack here.