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This is a message sent out today to 3500 people. Please use any of the below and help share the love 🙂

We are the duo of Martyn Sibley and Srin Madipalli: Wheelchair users, lads about town and editors of Disability Horizons.

Both of us have poured our ideas, imagination, energy, commitment and love into the past 15 months. The feedback, growth and utility shows we have created a much loved publication.

Now we need your to help share this love!

We currently reach 20,000 people, but know there are many more disabled people, family members, friends and professionals who can benefit from Disability Horizons.

Please please please can you use the below draft article in any websites, blogs and newsletters at your disposal? Feel free to tweak as appropriate.

Also if you can email friends, tweet or facebook about the magazine we would be so grateful.

With a larger community of people; we can share, learn and progress life for disabled people much faster.

Many thanks for your support and stay in touch with your own ideas for Disability Horizons,

Martyn and Srin

Twitter: @Dhorizons
Facebook: facebook/disabilityhorizons

The Article

If you love socialising, travel or adventure; then this is definitely for you!

In November 2010, two disabled guys from London, on a roadtrip in California, dreamt up a huge project they wanted to bring to the world. Imagine two lifelong friends, two electric wheelchairs, two Personal Care Assistants, a hoist and an accessible car stirring up a big cocktail of imagination and innovation, during a dream adventure.

This idea was to start an online disability lifestyle magazine like no other…

After months of working hard to turn the vision into a reality; Martyn Sibley and Srin Madipalli launched Disability Horizons pioneers an innovative 21st century approach to disability by empowering an aspirational community to provide and share content that informs, inspires and entertains.

The Disability Horizons community is already 20,000 strong mostly through its social media channels, their readers write the articles, share their wealth of disability knowledge and progress towards their individual dreams together. Articles include personal stories on employment, sport, travel and relationships. The guys share many of their own daring escapades and have regular article contributions from high profile organisations, service providers, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and various opinion formers that have the power to shape and change lives.

There is a page for readers to pose their own questions, an area to post unwanted disability items (the classifieds section), a resources profile page for disability companies to share useful products/services, and the Disability Horizons ‘Travel Zone’.

If you want to become part of this unique, vibrant and useful magazine; get in touch straight away!

Twitter: @Dhorizons
Facebook: facebook/disabilityhorizons

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My personal routine has remained stable throughout my blogging career. I work Monday-Friday, spend summer weekends partying, winter months dreaming and annual leave days abroad in the sun. This weekend has seen a catch up with fellow baby milk boys Srin and Vik, with me trying to motivate myself back into my extra curricular activities. In contemplating where these projects are presently at, I have realised my disability awareness and ideas for solutions have evolved massively. It’s around one year since I put my neck out and arranged a meet up for my blog readers. Last May Natasha Wood, Sophie Morgan, a Shoreditch venue and 20 delegates converged for a good day of informing, inspiring and setting us all on a sunny adventure. Subsequently my work with Hackney council on Personal budgets (self directed care) and the consultancy with Disability Lib around online campaigning (for disabled people’s organisations) saw a slightly professional demeanour to my antics. There was the launch of with Srinivas Madipalli, which received brilliant reviews on everyday disabled people doing amazing things. My partnership with the Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (JTSMA) around online seminar provision  delivered live seminars on managing care with live Q&A facilities. Finally the ongoing feedback from my amazing blog readers brings us up to speed on a year of trying, sometimes failing, learning and improving.

So where would I say I am now?

Well, Sunnier Days (the vehicle for these projects) has a new member. Off the back of the success with disability horizons, my good pal Srin is formally co working with me on the future of Sunnier Days’ disability provision. We have been working hard on the next edition of the mag and will launch this in the next week or so.

The online seminars are being consulted with the members of the JTSMA for improvements. Meanwhile Hackney council are working with Sunnier Days on a pilot project to provide online seminars to their disabled service users. Very exciting! If you have any feedback or questions on our online seminars please do get in contact –

I am personally writing an article for Disability Now today, which is around the current political economy effects on disabled people. It explores individualism and collectivism as approaches to political change. It is stretching my thoughts on a complex matter, but again is assisting me in understanding the issues to create/offer some solutions. There is no such word as can’t my mum tells me and its now my mantra along with ‘inform, inspire, change’.

With articles, magazines and seminars I think you would agree there has been a lot happening. Who knows what will occur in the next year, but I know it will be challenging, enjoyable and invigorating. As I am writing this post, Srin has emailed the best and most profound quote for my DN article. At the same time I have received an article from a school friend Fran Williamson who is a Paralympics swimming champion. The article is for the magazine but I learnt more about a good friend too. This whole adventure highlights so many issues and struggles, but it also highlights so many amazing people, doing amazing things and told in their own amazing words. It’s very satisfying seeing this all develop and evolve.

The summer series launch

I finish this quite pensive, thought provoking blog with the launch of my summer series. I will of course update you on the daily perspective aspects of work trips, parties, holidays and other antics. However having flirted with so many subject matters relating to disability, I will be writing an article, from personal experiences, around a range of subjects – education, wheelchairs, childhood, university, learning to drive, travelling locally, travelling the world, working and anything else that comes to me in the meantime. I hope you enjoy them, find them informative, inspiring and they evoke some form of change in you. I know they do in me.

Until the first edition – please continue your feedback, continue your support and lets make disability positive, solutions based and progressive! O h yea and that app is still in production but coming soon… 🙂

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Having blogged for 18 months, completed 200 posts and learnt so many things along the way, this post presents a landmark launch! As my writing has found its style and my views have broadened, I have been keen to offer a platform for other disabled people to speak out about their lives, experiences and opinions too. You may have read some of my guest blogs from Srin and Toby for example?

Having discussed these sentiments with my good friend and travel companion Srin, he came up with an amazing idea. What if we created an online magazine for disabled people, by disabled people. Not an entirely new concept, but we decided if it was to be positive, aspirational and more lifestyles based it would be true to our values. Finally we thought if anyone could contribute, the magazine could go wherever people wanted to take it.

I can now proudly present the first edition of our new online magazine – It features articles on adventurous leisure activities, education, technology, employment and much much more.

We hope you enjoy it, we actively encourage you to feedback and if you have any ideas and want to write an article, please do let us know!