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My mission to create a fully inclusive world drives everything I do. One of the hurdles I’ve had to overcome is not getting stagnant in life. Both personally and professionally. Its jùst not possible to change the world when you stop your own growth.

In recent years I have learned from the worlds best teachers, upskilled myself to support others, and coached amazing people to make social impact.

I’m excited for this next step. Today, in partnership with Xceptional Leaders, is the launch of my World Changers Academy!

Who is it for? 

World Changers Academy is for social change professionals. Its for a change maker looking for better clarity in their mission. Its for socially conscious businesses seeking new energy and engagement through digital storytelling and marketing.

In the 2019 pilot program the common denominator of participants were restless social entrepreneurs, third sector professionals, and powerful digital influencers.

All wanting more positive change in the world.

What does it involve?

Once signed up, you’ll get access to my World Changers courses, monthly challenges, group coaching and a tribe of like minded people. The value of this is accountability for your progress, peer support, and access to me. Which includes all the latest information for your mission to change the world. I’m always growing and upskilling myself, to pass on to you.

Why me?

Hopefully you’ve followed me long enough to know who I am and what I stand for. I know that my experience of living with a disability, overcoming the many barriers I face each day, has given me a unique insight in to social disadvantage. Coupled with a long career in disability rights, inclusive design, digital influence and consulting with global organisations; I’m excited to share all of this and more with you.

Are you ready?

If you’re not ready to take a leap just yet, no worries, I’m going nowhere. If you’ve been struggling with focus, progress and results then sign up now on the below link to kick 2020 off in style:

Once you’ve settled in and joined my exclusive Facebook group, we’ll be doing a challenge together. Before January is out, you’ll have written your own World Changers Manifesto. As promised, this is all about action and results!

Click here to join World Changers Academy and start making true social impact 🙂

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Despite having kept up my pledge to blog more, I realised it’s time for a more thoughtful, reflective and informational post.

Did you enjoy the Spain posts and hot air balloon video by the way?

Anyway, it hit me today that its already July! Unbelievable. Since getting back from Spain in April; there’s been great family times, some swimming and general fun. I’ve also been gearing up to move house, change my council care provider and everything else this entails. I’m excited and scared of how this will go, and will keep you posted when things begin.

Workwise the #dhsummit13 went well, I’m still working for Lero in Tenerife and have done some great collaborative project work, which is what I wanted to share with you today!

Visit Britain

Back in November, following some summer meetings with Maddy from GeoCast TV, I worked on an access video in the Birmingham area for Visit Britain. The experience was exhilarating, tiring, challenging and memorable. We visited 6 tourist venues, filmed a great deal and had a lot of fun. Thanks to Dan and Rob from GeoCast TV for helping me learn as a presenter.

Here’s the outcome:


During the turn of the year, just before Spain, I was also involved in a project with some accessibility tourism colleagues. We collaborated in a project tender for VisitEngland, under the umbrella of ‘Access New Business‘.

After being successful for the tender we met Ross Calladine from VisitEngland at their London HQ. Our charge was to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) not to become more accessible, but to market how accessible they already are.

Having studied my Masters in Marketing and worked in the disability field for years; it was great to truly combine these elements on a large scale. You can imagine how it will boost accessible businesses, but more so it will offer disabled people better information and choices for their homeland tourism.

Here’s the link to the toolkit we created, called ‘Speak up’.

Realife Trust and Vodafone

Having spoken to Lou Shackleton and Mel Findlater from @youcanhub on Twitter and at Ann Hawkins Cambridge meet ups; we were searching for collaborative projects too. At last, an opportunity arose in January to apply for a Vodafone award. The idea is to partner as an individual with a charity, to do a specific role. If selected, Vodafone pay your salary to do the work.

The collaboration came through Tony at the Realife Trust. He needed Lou to develop an elearning version of his brokerage training. Meanwhile asking me to develop strategy and technology to enable people to upload videos.

After us both winning, Lou has been working hard on the training, whilst I filmed some demo videos and chatted with Misfit Inc about technology. In October, in partnership with Disability Horizons, we will have a cool piece of software to enable the uploading of peer-to-peer informational videos, world wide!

The moral of the story…

Only this week I’ve confirmed my role as an ambassador for @britainsPB, with a huge personal challenge, high profile media work, charity fundraising for Scope and much more. Keep a watch on the 23rd July.

This has all shown me that despite having personal needs (such as income for shelter and food), personal wants (such as running high impact social change projects and world travel) and personal doubts (of if I can achieve these attributes); I learnt that interdependency is healthy!

There is no way I could have done these projects alone, even if I’d wanted to. Furthermore if I did, the outcome would be smaller and the impact would be rubbish. Not because of my limitations, but because of the synergy of collaboration.

With all of the above; the mixture of people, their experiences, skills, knowledge, and differences; it created a great outcome and huge impact for society. I’m proud to say politically, economically, technologically and most importantly socially; things have been shaken up and improved that tiny bit more by these collaborative efforts.

So, get out there, stop thinking, start doing and when appropriate get collaborating!

Big thanks to Kasia and my friends/family for always being there. Huge respect to Srin, Liz, Filipe, Mark and Zubee for making DH what it is 🙂

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Since arriving back from the EEDR I had that much needed shower (after the hotel issues at the end of the trip), had some home cooked food and slept. Following a trip back to London and attending the Stelios Award event, I have been in ‘searching’ mode. I have been mulling over what the trip meant to me, how I can use the experience effectively with the media and politicians, and having achieved another ‘life-long dream’ what I will do next.

Having reflected, read, spoken to people I respect greatly and considered all options; I have some great ideas to implement – but all in good time 🙂

For now, please enjoy the 12 minute video of the Epic Europen Disability Roadtrip! I am soon to write down specific comparisons, learnings and suggested future projects – for a more in depth analysis. Also the bloopers video is being posted next.

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible.

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Whilst on my Epic European trip I saw a lot of things that ‘disabled’ myself and many other people living in 2012. I also listened to a lot of music, considered theoretically simple solutions and wrote some poetry. The solutions will be proposed in my imminent report and the poetry remains personal; however I have tweaked ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon for your entertainment. He could have written this for disabled people anyway (it is that relevant), but I added my own touches below.

You can listen to the song while reading the lyrics by clicking here.

Imagine there’s no stairways
It’s easy if you try
No steps below us
Above us only one sky
Imagine all the people
Living in equality…

Imagine there’s no prejudice
It isn’t hard to do
No reason to judge or hate
And no name calling too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine accessible transport
I wonder if you can
No broken lifts or moody drivers
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

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The final video of the #EEDR comes from outside the European Parliament! Having met the accessible tourism office and The European Disability Forum (covering the 60m disabled people in the EU); I chanced my arm with the big guys!

Big thanks to you for crowd funding, following and supporting this project.

The report, meetings and actions will follow after I’ve rested 🙂