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I’ve had a big shift in my career the past year or so. In fact it’s 10 years almost to the day that I handed my notice in from my safer employed job. So it’s fair to say on this long bank holiday weekend I’ve been a little reflective and a little nostalgic.

Here’s a few thoughts I’d like to share with you.

In 2009 I started blogging with a view to create a more inclusive world for disabled people. With a little help from my friends (cue the Beatles!) I learned how to write blogs, take engaging photos, record YouTube vlogs on my Flipcam (remember those?), and how to use social media to build a movement for inclusion.

Since leaving my dream job in London a decade ago, to pursue a whole new dream, I’ve had quite the adventure. My impact grew. I was invited on national media outlets (thanks BBC, Guardian, Independent and Huffington post). I joined forces with Srin and many adventures ensued.

We started Disability Horizons on an epic California roadtrip. We launched all sorts of products to the awesome DH community. Which lead to our accessible travel business Accomable, that went on to be acquired by Airbnb. We also got invited round the world to review travel destinations and to speak at conferences.

My highlight being in Brussels for a European Commission summit. Although ironically the public bus wasn’t wheelchair accessible!

Eventually I realised that the content creation, community building, and highlighting disability issues wasn’t going to get the job done. I feel like many governments, businesses and even some disability charities have been all talk without real action. So I switched things up again!

As you know, I now run Purple Goat. We’re the world’s only influencer first disabilty marketing agency. And we’re kicking ass!

I can’t deny. To get big brands to actually act on including disabled people. You know, with real budget investment and proper action. Well it took some learning and some tenacity. But we’re doing it, and I’m so proud of what we’ve created and what we’re doing at Purple Goat.

As I look to the next year of Purple Goat, and the next decade on my mission for true inclusion, I’m feeling frustrated excitement. I’m frustrated that things like lack of building access, bad customer service, exclusive recruitment policy and general societal barriers still exist in 2021. However I’m excited that what I’ve witnessed in the past 12 months or so, scaled up and over multiple years, is going to be a seismic improvement on how disabled people get treated and are included in day to day life!

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about me or Purple Goat. It’s about a world waking up to the injustice of excluding any person unfairly, and a world finally ready to make change. Change to the environment. Change to racism. Change to disablism. Change to all the social wrongs in the world.

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Back in 2009 AJ and Melissa Leon helped build and mentored me through blogging, entrepreneurship and chasing my dreams.

This month at Purple Goat Agency we made our biggest deal yet. I messaged AJ to tell him about this particular milestone. True to his warmth and kindness, he sent me this bottle of premium champagne, to acknowledge the moment. Even Sunny photo bombed me from all the excitement!

Two thoughts come to mind that I’d like to share.

One is the importance of having role models, guides and mentors. We sometimes let pride stop us from accepting our limits and seeking help. When we let go and allow people in our lives to support us – well let’s just say awesome shit happens!

Secondly, and I’m a little ashamed to say this, I hadn’t really stopped to appreciate this milestone for myself. I got straight back in to the endless to-do list. That is until this gift arrived. So my other realisation is to always allow ourselves to celebrate achievement. Yes, everything else has to be dealt with. But without pause for gratitude, everything else is kinda pointless.

Finally, I’d love to hear about your mentors and how you acknowledge your milestone achievements?

Of course, all this may be a coincidence, but do they really exist or is everything going according to a higher plan? Well, now we’re too philosophical. However, this may well indicate that she likes you. It makes sense that people who find you attractive are also looking for your company – thus women want to give you the opportunity to talk to them.
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Happy Easter everyone. I hope you are still getting by ok, and finding some positives during these weird times. I’m writing this in the garden after a busy week. It’s nice to relax with Kasia and Sunny in this beautiful weather!

There has been lots going on the past week with my content that I would like to share. My blog and social media work began in 2009. In some ways creating content has become easier with practice. In other ways its hard to keep up with all the new trends and keeping the content fresh.

The Written Word

You may have seen my weekly posts last year called World Changer Wednesday. I was able to share posts on how to grow yourself, your message, your community and your impact.

This is just one example from back in January on Facebook.

That particular series ran its course, but I’m planning to simply blog and email a weekly newsletter now. Just like this post. I’m publishing more on social media, specifically as you’ll see in a minute with video and podcasts. So the newsletter will just recap things of interest from recent events.

Livestreaming The Daily Sib

Another piece of content I did last summer was my short form video each day. For example this episode in Croatia was popular. For the wrong reasons…

Having had a break, I wanted to start up again. With not going out the house let alone travelling it might have been boring. I then saw lots of people livestreaming during #covid19 lockdown.

So I started researching and testing different technologies. Over the past 10 days I’ve interviewed the Disability Horizons team members and disabled influencers. It’s been so fun!

Even more amazingly the software called StreamYard broadcasts to my YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. As well as enabling comments and questions to show up on the livestream.

If you haven’t yet met our Disability Horizons core team Liz, Chris and our volunteers you can right that wrong here!

Podcast in your ears

For a few months now I’ve been collaborating with Mai Ling Chan on the Xceptional Leaders podcast. We’ve taken it in turns to interview influencers in the disability world. As well as meeting from our homes in the UK and USA over Zoom to record each episodes introduction.

Having not published on the Martyn Sibley show podcast for a while, I also realised I could upload the audio of #thedailysib episodes there.

So as of earlier today I published the first episode of season 2. I was really humbled to have disability activist and TV presenter Sophie Morgan on in the week. Which you can see on the above link. But here’s the podcast version for you.

Captions and Subtitles

I believe in access for everybody. Growing up with my cousin who is profoundly deaf showed me the needs for this community.

However I’ve struggled to caption my videos and transcribe my podcasts for three reasons. Technology, time and money.

Unfortunately the software out there still isn’t quite able to manage livestreams. StreamYard which I’m using to broadcast my Daily Sib interviews is looking in to live captions, but at present they can’t do it. I was straight on to them about it.

When I did the non-live minute-long Daily Sib videos, I captioned them myself. It took me 20 minutes to edit the auto captions in the app I used. Meaning the recent livestream of 55 minutes was just impossible to do myself.

Equally the average cost per minute for outsourcing this is £3.50 per minute. Which I simply can’t afford.

My current solution to offer the deaf community is watching the replays on YouTube with the auto generated captions. But I will keep looking for new solutions.

Disability Horizons

Liz and the team have been super busy with Corona virus advice, things to do at home and partnering with Revitalise on our #covidcareplan campaign. Which also featured in Fridays Daily Sib livestream.

Please do head to to catch up with all of this and more!

What are you up to?

I’m signing off. I’d love to hear about your week and what you are up to over the Easter weekend though? Let me know by replying to the email or commenting in this article. Depending how you’re reading this.

Please do subscribe to my newsletter (receiving my book for free) and also subscribe to my YouTube.

Untill next time. Stay well!

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My mission to create a fully inclusive world drives everything I do. One of the hurdles I’ve had to overcome is not getting stagnant in life. Both personally and professionally. Its jùst not possible to change the world when you stop your own growth.

In recent years I have learned from the worlds best teachers, upskilled myself to support others, and coached amazing people to make social impact.

I’m excited for this next step. Today, in partnership with Xceptional Leaders, is the launch of my World Changers Academy!

Who is it for? 

World Changers Academy is for social change professionals. Its for a change maker looking for better clarity in their mission. Its for socially conscious businesses seeking new energy and engagement through digital storytelling and marketing.

In the 2019 pilot program the common denominator of participants were restless social entrepreneurs, third sector professionals, and powerful digital influencers.

All wanting more positive change in the world.

What does it involve?

Once signed up, you’ll get access to my World Changers courses, monthly challenges, group coaching and a tribe of like minded people. The value of this is accountability for your progress, peer support, and access to me. Which includes all the latest information for your mission to change the world. I’m always growing and upskilling myself, to pass on to you.

Why me?

Hopefully you’ve followed me long enough to know who I am and what I stand for. I know that my experience of living with a disability, overcoming the many barriers I face each day, has given me a unique insight in to social disadvantage. Coupled with a long career in disability rights, inclusive design, digital influence and consulting with global organisations; I’m excited to share all of this and more with you.

Are you ready?

If you’re not ready to take a leap just yet, no worries, I’m going nowhere. If you’ve been struggling with focus, progress and results then sign up now on the below link to kick 2020 off in style:

Once you’ve settled in and joined my exclusive Facebook group, we’ll be doing a challenge together. Before January is out, you’ll have written your own World Changers Manifesto. As promised, this is all about action and results!

Click here to join World Changers Academy and start making true social impact 🙂

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They say a change is as good as a rest. This is absolutely relevant for me right now! Here’s the inside scoop from my head.

I’m writing this post with a full heart, tummy and head. My heart is full from the Christmas presents and connections. My tummy is full from all the delicious festive food. My head is full of inspired ideas for next year.

Naturally, I plan to continue with my healthier habits, maintaining my independence, enjoying awesome leisure experiences, and all that jazz. Work wise 2020 is going to be a big year 🙂

Disability Horizons

In 2019 Disability Horizons published more articles than any previous year. We grew our readership to over 500,000 people, supported thousands on social media, have nearly 6000 email subscribers and we’re loving it. A big thanks to our team for keeping this amazing resource running.

Disabled people are and unfortunately still will face more barriers as we go in to the new year. Our editor Liz Croker and her team have bigger and bolder plans for our community. Including more vital campaigns, more community insights, and more empowering information.

All to push us more for an inclusive world.

World Changers

It struck me 18 months ago that change makers need accountability, community and a road map of action. So I started the World Changers Facebook group and wrote weekly posts about How to Change the World.

Watch out for my posts in January. I’m launching something needed, bigger and better for World Changers. I’m excited to share this with you soon.

Inclusive Marketing

After joining the Future 20 social enterprise incubator last May, we’ve had lots of support on growing Disability Horizons in to a World Changer of its own.

We already know what barriers disabled people face, and what Disability Horizons can do to address the issues. Our difficulty has been funding.

With our mentors, advisors and coaches we have an awesome plan. Our partnerships manager Chris Cusack and I realised that we need to collaborate with businesses, helping them understand the social issue of exclusion. All for a win:win outcome.

By giving brands the business case, necessary information, and innovative services, we can all make a real impact for inclusion.

Going in to 2020 we know exactly how to help businesses embrace inclusion branding. Its up to each individual Chief Marketing Officer, Diversity and Inclusion manager, and company to decide what is right for them.

One thing is for sure. You will see more organisations genuinely caring about crucial topics that matter to us, disabled people. There’ll be more work on making their products and services accessible to all. There’ll be more work on inclusive marketing strategies (with non business partners as well). There’ll be more paid work for our network of disabled influencers too.

If you’re interested in supporting our work on Disability Horizons, or you’re a World Changer looking for your tribe, or you’re a business wanting to support the inclusion cause. Please contact me through my website or social channels.

Here’s to a big year of action, partnerships and most of all impact!

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Three and a bit years ago I was lucky enough, or maybe destined, to meet AJ and Melissa Leon of Misfit-Inc. They spoke about social media at the Institute of Fundraising convention. I was working my way up in fundraising at Scope and finding my way generally post uni. Their strategy was simple and yet powerful!

Tell your story
Build a community
Change the world

Ever since we launched, I’ve been relentlessly telling the story of a 20 something, life loving, travelling, ambitious and disabled guy. I’ve written articles, taken photos and made videos. I’ve explained my limitations, my needs, my relationships, my hopes, my fears, my success, my failures and my dreams.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself and other disabled people. The message is strengthening every day – disabled or not we all have limitations, yet with the right support and mindset so much is possible.

I’ve met amazing people on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Some are friends, some collaborators and some I progressively debate with. With a stronger message and community; how am I changing the world?

After some sleepless nights, good family support, cool friends, some failures and mega hard work; I’m blogging to great feedback, co-running to huge numbers, delivering e-learning projects (webinars, ecourses and econferences), speaking in person and on multiple media platforms (tv, radio and print), meeting politicians, consulting with large organisations and doing crazy projects such as the #EEDR.

I’m feeling healthier without being in a confining office, for grabbing more winter sun, managing my own time, working with amazing people and waking up with an unbelievably innate passion!

I still have  worries; running too many projects for one person (let alone 10 people) and so much more to learn. I am currently spending quality time with family/friends post travel; chilling with my new wheelchair and PA team, about to write a book for the #EEDR (yes, I am about to become an author); growing Disability Horizons and launching some great new resources there; promoting the dConference; and finally I am being asked to speak, train and consult on cool projects (providing the horribly necessary £££).

Having feared failure, kept going, adapted, stayed true to myself and asked for help when necessary; I have a new energy, some financial oxygen and a good feeling until next Spring. I also found out I have been accepted on a professional partnership grant in Aviles. This is where I volunteered in March and April this year, where we made this cool accessibility video!

I’m not going to preach or spell out what this means to you. Only you can decide this. However this is more than an update on how happy I feel and well things are going. Partly because it also explains how bumpy and uncertain things have been, partly as the next year will be as challenging, but also because I want it to spark change for you. It might mean sharing the message, contributing to Disability Horizons, being on my next elearning project, working in partnership or something else ‘disability’ related.

Moreover, I hope it might just change your view on disability generally, for you to take an action in everyday life and also to go and grab your own dreams. If I can do it, the lad from Cambridgeshire with SMA, you certainly can.

Please do me the favour of sharing this article with someone you think will enjoy and benefit from reading it. It would mean a lot to me…

Until the next trip, project, video and article; stay well 🙂

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This is a message sent out today to 3500 people. Please use any of the below and help share the love 🙂

We are the duo of Martyn Sibley and Srin Madipalli: Wheelchair users, lads about town and editors of Disability Horizons.

Both of us have poured our ideas, imagination, energy, commitment and love into the past 15 months. The feedback, growth and utility shows we have created a much loved publication.

Now we need your to help share this love!

We currently reach 20,000 people, but know there are many more disabled people, family members, friends and professionals who can benefit from Disability Horizons.

Please please please can you use the below draft article in any websites, blogs and newsletters at your disposal? Feel free to tweak as appropriate.

Also if you can email friends, tweet or facebook about the magazine we would be so grateful.

With a larger community of people; we can share, learn and progress life for disabled people much faster.

Many thanks for your support and stay in touch with your own ideas for Disability Horizons,

Martyn and Srin

Twitter: @Dhorizons
Facebook: facebook/disabilityhorizons

The Article

If you love socialising, travel or adventure; then this is definitely for you!

In November 2010, two disabled guys from London, on a roadtrip in California, dreamt up a huge project they wanted to bring to the world. Imagine two lifelong friends, two electric wheelchairs, two Personal Care Assistants, a hoist and an accessible car stirring up a big cocktail of imagination and innovation, during a dream adventure.

This idea was to start an online disability lifestyle magazine like no other…

After months of working hard to turn the vision into a reality; Martyn Sibley and Srin Madipalli launched Disability Horizons pioneers an innovative 21st century approach to disability by empowering an aspirational community to provide and share content that informs, inspires and entertains.

The Disability Horizons community is already 20,000 strong mostly through its social media channels, their readers write the articles, share their wealth of disability knowledge and progress towards their individual dreams together. Articles include personal stories on employment, sport, travel and relationships. The guys share many of their own daring escapades and have regular article contributions from high profile organisations, service providers, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and various opinion formers that have the power to shape and change lives.

There is a page for readers to pose their own questions, an area to post unwanted disability items (the classifieds section), a resources profile page for disability companies to share useful products/services, and the Disability Horizons ‘Travel Zone’.

If you want to become part of this unique, vibrant and useful magazine; get in touch straight away!

Twitter: @Dhorizons
Facebook: facebook/disabilityhorizons