“Hackney and Sunnier Days have worked together for a number of years to help bring about culture change in adult social care. Sunnier Days’ recent series of webinars for us tested a new way of engaging and informing people which will doubtless become more prevalent as people harness the power of the internet to communicate and share information about how to make the most of the opportunities Personalisation can bring.”
Councillor Jonathon McShane, Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care and Culture, Hackney Council

“Martyn’s series of webinars, designed specifically to meet the needs and aspirations of the people who will use our service, added a valuable channel of information that both extended our reach and improved the quality of the information, advice and support we give to disabled people and their families. I look forward to collaborating with Martyn on our next project.”
Steve Cairns, Director of Information, Advice and Support, Scope

‘The technology was very simple to use, Martyn spoke in an engaging, confident and relaxed manner, and I left feeling inspired to make changes in my life.’

‘I thought the quality of information was very good, it made me have a different perspective on what barriers there are for a disabled young person and how they can be overcome.’
Webinar evaluation respondents



‘Martyn Sibley produced an excellent E-campaigning toolkit for Disability LIB.  This supports Disabled Peoples Organisations to reach a wider audience using the internet and social media.  This was well received by participants and we were very impressed with Martyn’s positive approach to helping us develop and show case this.  Further details, including a video of the training session he ran are available from http://www.disabilitylib.org.uk/human-rights-equality-and-campaigning/campaigns-ecampaigning ‘
Stephen Hodgkins, Disability Lib project manager



‘Participating in the workshop made me think about the things which we can improve through our voice. Sometimes people believe campaigns are not enough for changing laws, rules and the world, but nowadays we have many tools for making real campaigns in a fast and modern way using the Internet as Martyn showed us during the workshop.

From my point of view as an able bodied person, E-campaigns are great instruments to express your ideas, no matter your condition or what kind of topic you want to develop. E-campaigns allow the interaction between the campaign developers and other people interested in them. Simple things like comments, opinions and critics made by them could help you to achieve your aim.’
Catalina Gonzalez, Columbian student studying English.

‘I recently attended the Scope National Campaigning Conference and your workshop and I want to say what an enjoyable, informative and inspiring event it was and I will look to contact you regarding campaigning in the future and since I’ve been keeping up to date with your blog which I think is a very good and I hope to start something similar soon.’
Rajan Mangat, Assistant Executive Officer, Disability Network Hounslow.

Martyn’s knowlege and understanding of e-campaigning shone through his excellent delivery and presentation style.
Jamie Robertson, Local Campaigns Officer, Scope


Past sponsors said:

Flourish is a direct and digital agency that works in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. It’s an interesting combination but it definitely works. We’ve got the results, the awards and the reputation to prove it.

Why are Sunnier Days and Flourish working together on this exciting project? We share a simple philosophy. We both want people to do well. We want them to reach their goals, to realise their dreams and to make the most of the opportunities they create. It’s the reason why Flourish is called Flourish.”


“We have worked with Martyn in the past and have a lot of respect for him and want to support this new initiative. Having set up Future Fundraising a few years ago, we know the time and effort it takes in setting up a business. That is why we are delighted to be able to support Martyn in helping to make Sunnier Days a successful venture.”

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