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My mantra has always been ‘inspire, inform and change’ with my writing and projects. Five years after publishing my first blog post, I’d love to know what you’re after when it comes to my online ventures?

To help you here, I’m wondering if you enjoy reading about my disability specific bits eg. care/equipment/funding. Or maybe about my difficulties in life generally. Or my achievements in life, and so on. Are you more interested in my business ventures, social media knowledge, tech preferences or my world travels?

Please leave a comment below, tweet me @martynsibley or contact me on my website form on

In the meantime here’s my latest news…

We made it back to the UK from Poland mid August. Had a fantastic weekend at Reading Festival with Dan and Becky from Geocast TV. Together we made an ‘Access All Areas’ video, which is coming real soon. Then I covered the National Paralympic Day at the Olympic Park in London. I hope you enjoyed the article I shared about this day. Last weekend I was called to Northumberland to present on another ‘Access All Areas’ film, highlighting the great features in the National Park for disabled people.

Beyond my weekends of work and fun; I turned a year older, have been enjoying family time, seeing old friends, researching local accessible swimming pools to get in better physical shape, getting my disability foundations in order (relentless, tiring and essential stuff), and pushing my work projects onwards and upwards.

I’m excited for the autumn now. Have a new house coming (a whole separate post of struggle and trauma). Interesting meetings with interesting people. New issues and challenges with my disabled brothers and sisters to fight and progress. New invigoration of content, social media and other projects.

Plus all of the surprises and serendipity that life throws my way.

Feel free to share your news and plans below. Remember also that we’re always looking for people to help us on

Take care


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  1. Martin I have followed you for a long time not quite at the start but whe you were with disability movement , an then you set up on your own answering so many questions about travel and all sorts , you are a wonderfull man as you are doing for disabled people in chairs ect what we especially I wouldn’t have a clue how to do. A total inspiration. and i continue to read what you write. more power to your elbow, in other words long may you continue as you are opening the world eyes to us and i think seriously you deserve recognition. if anyone out their can help in getting Martin recognized could you please let me know i would love to get this started im not go at typing spelling or surfing the web. but i think this would be truley deserved bless your heat Martin. Long time sufferer of you lolol Lyn Richardson

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